A relation erased

Funny thing, life is. Yesterday I spoke so much about losing and how we should take it positively, and today, I have been put to test.
I lost my paternal grandmother in the early hours, today morning. So this makes me test my own words about dealing with loss. At the cost of sounding a hypocrite, let me tell you all, I am unable to take this positively, at all.

I lost my maternal grandmother in June of 2010, so it’s been just a year and a half. It seems someone has taken a duster and erased the word grandmother from my dictionary.

Will miss you dadi. Hope you are comfortable and at peace, wherever you may be now!

20 thoughts on “A relation erased

  1. Sorry to hear about your loss…..first two sentences of this post show that things can be linked….each moment of life can be linked to another moment….

    May dadiji’s soul rest in peace……and may god give you strength to pass through tough times….I wish I could come and meet you in such time…Take care……….

  2. I am sorry for your loss. I agree that it is important to find hte positive in things – but that doesn’t make them any less devastating, positivity takes time and work to grow so do give yourself some space to mourn.

  3. JJ, at the cost of sounding formal, the word grandmother can never be erased from your dictionary. or your life for that matter.. she’s left you a lifetime worth of memories to keep her and the word in you forever…

    she’s gone to a better place than this Earthly one… and I’m sure she’s looking over you and giving you strength.

    my prayers with you and your family in this testing time.

  4. ohh My deepest condolensces to you and your family ..
    May she rest in peace and may god give you the strength to bear the loss ..

    Take care of yourself and your family … God bless

    its not being hypocrite or anything like that we are humans and it hurts .. so dont worry about such things

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