Dark Beauty

Dark, or black, is considered to be inclining towards the negative side of things. It is often considered to be the ‘opposite’ of white. As white often stands for purity, black is seen to mean impure, though it is not expressly said (mostly), this is how it is taken. ‘The Dark Ages’, ‘Buri nazar wale tera muh kala’ etc. are two of the many examples portraying that this word is taken in the negative sense.
A few simple questions – do colours have opposites? do concepts have opposites? is black really negative?

As much as we may deny it, the term black has stereotypes attached to it. I heard one today itself, “why do you wear black so often? It has negative vibes.” The answer to the question, though, ‘I wear black often because I look slimmer in it’. :p

Moving on, I have the following brief arguments to put forth:
1. Does attributing purity to white attribute impurity to it’s “opposite”?
2. Hypocrites, as we are, in everything, we fail to realize that the definition of white will cease to exist without the definition of black.
3. As my third and final argument, I give you the following PPT. You might contend that the main beauty of the slides come from the lights, but could the lights be this beautiful minus the darkness of the night.
The Beauty Of Night

My arguments/ contentions are in no way exhaustive. It would be great if you all contributed either to my side of the argument or against me.

I just realized (17/11/11) that I had written a post once – The Darker Us – in that I had done exactly what I describe as wrong in this post. That was wrong on my part.

10 thoughts on “Dark Beauty

  1. I agree to what u said…once i too updated my status on FB – “Do we find things good because we are aware of what is bad!!!!! Imagine the existence of Good without Bad……” You get it 🙂

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