They taught me too

We learn something or the other from everyone around us. My family, my friends, my teachers, and most importantly my “enemies”. They taught me a lot too. It is rightly said that you may take the teachings coming from a friend lightly, but the things enemies teach you, are learnt forever.

Before I move on, I must clarify, enemy here means any person who I am on a less than friendly basis with, someone with whom I have some major disconnect. Some of these are proper fights, while with others it is just a disconnect which has led to unfriendly terms between us.

Today, I am here, writing about what each of these “enemies” has taught me. I have learnt major lessons of my life from these people.

1. My earliest lesson from an enemy came in the 11th standard (I have no memories of enemies before that). She taught me that I should let people make their own mistakes, instead of interfering and trying to tell them what is right.
2. My second lesson came in my first year at college, where I learnt that people’s mindset cannot be changed. Even if you don’t treat them unequally because of ‘social status’, they themselves do. And thus, they act in a lowly way themselves.
From the same person I also learnt that never give anyone in life more importance than the core group (family, true friends and (if applicable) your partner).
3. The third person who taught me in this way is someone with whom I haven’t had a fight per say, we have just drifted apart. She taught me that one should compromise only as much as one is comfortable with. Too much compromising to help others only leads to problems.
4. My latest lesson came from a person who is hell bent on being a good friend when I am no longer interested. Because of some reasons, I am unable to say no to her on her face (I tried, it led to disastrous results, so I had to withdraw my ‘NO’). I learnt from her that it is wrong to make someone dependent on you and let that person be extremely addicted to you. Also, that I am not here to become a mommy to people in this hostel. If they cannot take care of themselves, it is not my duty to take care of them.

So, a big THANK YOU to all these people, for teaching me some lessons that I might never have learnt otherwise. It is truly said that everyone comes into your life for a reason. We may not realize it during their presence and may be hurt by their actions, but it is all needed.

10 thoughts on “They taught me too

  1. And I learnt here that you are indeed a discerning soul who doesn’t only pick up lessons but shares them too.. each one is wonderful… life becomes easier.. well…it would be a pleasure if you visit to my 400th post whcih incidently happened on 2nd anniversary of my blog..

  2. Heyyy,,, Janhvi, I soo soo happen to agree with you. Especially on the point about compromising more than comfort – I have done that a lot of times and fallen head over heels into impending disasters. And moreover, every every person – even the stranger who just passed you by on the road, has a purpose in your life. And I believe that we learn and learn and learn some more every day.
    Very much my feelings … well done, and liked reading your thoughts about this.

  3. Wonderful Post! 🙂
    Enemies teach us the best..I agree
    From them we get to know the complexity in this world..Though they hurt us so deep and we hate them but on the other side they show us the real reflection of the world! and that means a lot!

    Keep Observing and sharing with us..
    I appreciate your sweet encouraging comments on my work.. 🙂

    Take care

    1. Thanks for the compliment. As for your work, it amazes me to no extent. 🙂
      And we truly learn the most from our enemies… they are the true face of the world.

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