Wet eyes

This post is an emotional outlet, as I too need to stop writing good posts always. :p šŸ™‚

Being a hostler for nearly 2.5 years now, has changed my perspective to a lot of things. This is about one such thing.
Staying at home, with snacks that Mom just made for me, it was easy to watch a sentimental scene and say, ‘who cries so easily. She’s only getting married, and she would be staying in the same town. What hype about nothing’.
I realize now, somewhere, that it’s the thought and not the distance and time of separation that counts most. I remember my return from the Dusshera break, after meeting my parents. I knew that I would be with them in another 12 days, but my eyes were still wet, parting from them.

I can only speak of myself and my best friend in college (Navjyot), we both are die hard home sick girls. We never get enough of staying at home. Though I also must confess here, that I start taking my home for granted too soon once I am there.

Sometimes, when I have a fight at the hostel, or when I see a parent visiting, or sometimes for no apparent reason, I feel like crying for hours at end because I can think of no other way to express how I feel. The words, ‘I MISS YOU’ just aren’t enough.

Those things that irritate me, when I am at home, are the ones I miss the most. There are days when I would barter anything in my life to have one sweet fight with my sister on who would be the banker in the monopoly game, one moral lecture from my dad on how I need to be more focused, one scolding from my mom to do things on time, and one argument with my brother over something we have different view points on.

I just can’t put it in words, but all I want to say is, I MISS MY FAMILY.
Now, after living away from home, I know am going to cry A LOT on my vidai, even if I were to live in the same city.

For all those at home, this may be difficult to understand, but treasure every moment you live there and give the people there your time… they truly are the world. For all those away, take out some time, set aside your ego (if), and give some time to your family (though it might be just over the phone, IT’S STILL WORTH IT).

17 thoughts on “Wet eyes

  1. Well, I too have been a hosteler for 3 years and I know what it is to be at HOME. Though I loved the hostel life and I badly miss those college days but yes, what all you scripted holds so much meaning.
    Decent read!

    By the ways, what do you do, and where do you stay?
    Strange that after having interacted quite a few times, we know each other so less, personally!

    1. Thanks for the compliment. And if you truly think this is my best post, then you should read some earlier posts of mine, which I am specially proud of.
      Waiting for the challenge.

  2. We all get homesick at times. It’s the most natural thing.
    I have been following your blog for a few months now, but I think I should stop silently stalking you now.
    You have a lovely blog dear. And you are a beautiful girl. Never get tears to those beautiful eyes, doesn’t suit you.

    1. What do I say? Am speechless by the compliments.
      However, I still don’t know who you are. You have no name yet.
      It’s great to know that my blog has stalkers. It’s a huge morale boost, I must say.

      1. Let stalkers remain nameless….
        For you, it is enough to know, that am a huge fan of your’s. And had your boyfriend not been around, I would have proposed you in real life.
        Am a single guy, who has found a beautiful addiction in your blog.

  3. Very true no place like home. I been hosteler all along since 6th class all through graduation. I guess its a bitdifferent for guys but the home is sweet home…

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