A date!?!

Challenge eight: A Date With an Indian Cricketer

Thanks Chetan, for this challenge at ‘Challenge Accepted‘.

NOTE : THIS STORY IS COMPLETELY FICTION and I prove that with the first line itself.

“And the winner of the best blog is Ms. Janhvi Pant. She has won a date with any member of the Indian Cricket team.”
“The second prize goes to Mr. Sub and Mr. Leo who win a cash price of Rs. 1,00,000 each”. (btw, that’s your latest challenge Leo :p – What would you do with this money? – no cliche’ answers allowed.”)

My reaction – “Why, oh why, did I not win the second prize? I don’t want to go on any date with any cricketer. If at all, get me a date with my boyfriend.”
But destiny had spoken. I had to spend a day with one of the members of the present Indian cricket team. I decided to fool destiny by escaping mid date.

The next day, I wore my best clothes, looked better than I ever could, and went to meet my date – Dhoni.
As we entered the cafe coffee day, I made sure that his presence did not go unnoticed. Soon, our table was flooded with fans wanting autographs, which gave me the chance to plan my next move ( which btw, I never got a chance to execute).

We sat, discussing what to do for the whole day. The conversation flowed not so easily, but we finally decided what to do for the whole day. He would take me shopping and then lunch. A movie, dinner, and that’s it. The shopping was tempting me to drop the escape plan I had made, so I decided to postpone my escape till after the shopping. (Mean me! I know).

We went to UCB, Lifestyle, Westside and many other stores where he shopped for both me and himself. Soon, the shopping was over and I had started feeling guilty for thinking of escaping. So, I decided to do so after lunch. (I guess you can see where this is heading 🙂 )

Lunch was at The Taj (OMG!), where he was staying. This was only my second visit to the Taj restaurant as so I was definitely blown away by the grandeur. Once over with lunch, he informed me that he had already booked tickets in the Gold Suite of PVR for the movie Rockstar. This made me again…. oh, you know it by now. In my defense, I had yet to ever see the Gold Suite of PVR and so I could not say no. 🙂

The movie was good, but much better was the ambience which I think I gave more notice to than the movie. By now, I had started to really enjoy myself and was for the firstime since the announcement of the prize hoping the day would not end.

After the movie, we decided to walk to the restaurant where dinner was planned. It was not too far, and we (especially me) were in no hurry. We talked about cricket ( I was shocked with myself), life as a celebrity, my college, life as a non celebrity :p, and my blog. He commented that he had been on the judging team and had really liked my blog… wow!

Dinner was chinese, my choice, and time really flew. Soon, he was driving me back to my hostel. I had made sure that people in my hostel knew I was returning, I would love to see the girls envy me. 🙂

That was goodbye, for then. I really hoped that I would get to spend another day with this members of Team Blue. I loved the day.

P.S. A confession about this post, when I started typing, I had no idea what I was going to write, or even who I was going to ‘choose’ as ‘my date’. It came spontaneously, so thanks for bearing with it.

14 thoughts on “A date!?!

  1. Now this post was definitely fun, had a good time reading it. Wonderful work here Janhvi.

    ANd oh, did I forgot to mention that you have utilized the space at this webpage pretty efficiently and that makes the blog looks so complete?

  2. I gave you the topic and you never bothered to give me the prize money. This is a fiction indeed, Dhoni is married thats why. 🙂
    Acha, honestly you need to work on your humor. Nice date though. 😀
    And yes, you need to give me a challenge in the very next comment you do.

    1. Ya, i don’t just need to work on my humour, I need to give birth to it… it’s non existent as of now.
      As for a challenge for you…. i’ll drop by your blog and give you one.

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