I’ve hit a century… finally my 100th post.

For two weeks, this post has been driving me crazy… thinking of how I can make it special.

Yesterday, while on a 24 hour journey from Jodhpur back to my college 😦 I realized that I could make it special by just letting it be itself.

So, readers, be prepared for a post which might or might not be completely haywire, for I am going to write this one as and how things come to me.

The Guest Post

This is the first thing that I need to mention. I wrote a guest post for Khoj, and Sub was kind enough to publish it.

It’s a taboo topic. A topic not many people would talk/write about. As Sub has always written in a unconventional manner, I though I’d take up an unconventional topic myself.

You can find the post here.

My best

As this is my century post, I decided to look back a little into the past of Thoughtful Thoughts and put together in one place those posts which I think are my best.

This judgement is not based on:

  • Visits
  • Comments
  • Indi likes
It is wholly and solely based on my opinion. You have to check out numbers 1,3,6,8,14 and 19, if you have not been around before to read these. These are my top 6.
From old to new:
I guess that’s it. Am going to catch some sleep now as sleep was not something that I could get enough of on my train journey.
Take care.

28 thoughts on “Century!!

  1. Congratulations dear.
    Now that I have come to the open, I might as well express all my thoughts on your blog.

    May you achieve all the heights you seek.

  2. Ccongrats on the century. Well done..
    Its alwats a pleasure to read what you write..
    Will definitely check out the posts again

    All the best and heres wishing many more centuries to come.. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much. It’s for people like you who have inspired me to write well(hopefully). And it’ll be great to have you read more on Thoughtful Thoughts.

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