Green eye

“Tumhen Koi Aur Dekhe, To Jalataa Hai Dil
Badii Mushkilon Se Phir, Sambhalataa Hai Dil
Kyaa Kyaa Jatan Karaten Hain, Tumhen Kyaa Pataa”

Let’s face it…. we all have such green eyes (metaphorically) at some point of time or the other. This post, however, is about those times when we get jealous of our partner (or who we want as a partner) with another person of our gender.

We have all, at some point thought of:

  • Killing that parson
  • Hitting him/her
  • Going over and claiming our right on our partner
  • Proving to ourselves how we are better than that person
  • Finding excessive nooks in that person

And why not? It’s our partner (crush), why should the other person come into the equation…. right? Wrong.

Just because that person is our partner, it does not give us a right to own him/her. (S)he has every right to talk to others, spend time with others, and even like another person. We like someone for their qualities and nature. Should being in a relationship change this? No; and it doesn’t, we just suppress it inside us.

Take an example,

X, a single guy, meets Y, who he likes because of her nature and looks. This is perfectly normal.

Now, X, a guy committed to Z, meets Y. Why can he not still like her? Is he in a relationship or in prison?

The problem today is that the monster of jealousy has become a norm, so much so, that what were supposed to be feelings of  jealousy earlier, are now feelings of normalcy. ‘I cannot like her/him or be attracted towards her/him as I am in a relationship’. This is nothing but the jealousy of the other partner which has turned into a norm, not just for this one person, but for a society as a whole.

Please people, stop treating your partner as a property which you own and which no-one else can talk-to, like, or flirt with.

I am proud of myself that though I feel jealous (a lot) when HE talks of/to other girls, I have never stopped him, as he is as much a free citizen of this country as he was before we were together. And it’s the same from his side.


Take care.

24 thoughts on “Green eye

  1. Jealousy truly is an evil. But we all posses it.
    I posses it against your boyfriend, of whom you talk often here at your blog.He’s a lucky man, unlike me. 🙂
    Just joking….

  2. Have read only first few line… and I would request you to please keep me out of this…
    I am color blind… I don’t know what color I see.. and what color is my eye…
    So if you would please excuse me and keep me out of this green stuff… I would appreciate…
    Tk care…

  3. Well jealousy is human, also possessiveness. Whatever you have written, its something everyone must have experiences, but i can’t share my experience cuz before sharing, you need to have that experience na?

    Nicely written

  4. Wonderful post, I completely agree with your point about jealousy. Our partner is not our property. They also have their personal life, their kith and kins etc. A bit of jealousy is fine at times but not every now and then when our partner ends up talking to his / her friends, colleagues or a stranger.

  5. Janhvi, I think this is my first comment here, and I must confess my negligence towards not reading your blog regularly, but I am utterly impressed by the post. So true, so blunt and so rightly put. Love the way you started and ended. Good work, keep it up 🙂

    And yes one more thing, I can see my blog Penning down the mind, in your blogroll. Trust me, I am honoured, thanks a lot 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the compliments. As for your reading my blog, as they say, “Jab jaago tabhi sawera”. :p
      And the honour is but mine to get to read a great blog like your’s.

  6. nice post and a very relevant topic too….it happens perhaps its human nature but i don’t take it as Jealousy…rather its possessiveness about their partner………

  7. Very mature post. I just can’t believe it when some people say “He/she loves me too much-tht’s why they don’t want me to talk to/go out with anyone else.” Cmon!! Get a life!

    1. That’s something I never buy someone saying.
      What I want to say here is also that even the ones who don’t actively stop their partner, have it in them, WE ALL DO.
      It’s not only the ones who say it, but all of us who believe it, that need to change!

  8. Jealousy….its difficult to define or simplify it as such…but I don’t think..there is a any harm in a little bit of may be even cute.. 😛

    But..when it gets over the top and leads to possessiveness..well..we have a problem at hand!

    1. I agree that over the top jealousy is a problem. Allow me to differ, when I say that so is any level of jealousy. Jealousy in it’s sheer existence reeks of possessiveness.. at any and all levels… and so shouldn’t exist at all, according to me.

  9. Agreed to you but….I still say that there has to be a boundryline…and let’s accept the fact that jealousy is a true emotion, which can not be suppressed….

    X, a single guy, meets Y, who he likes because of her nature and looks. This is perfectly normal: I agree to it 🙂

    Now, X, a guy committed to Z, meets Y. Why can he not still like her? : He can like her and I agree to it 🙂

    Now, X, a guy committed to Z, meets Y. Why can he not still date her? : I would be the most jealous person if my partner does that to me 😦

    Nice post Janhvi….keep writing 🙂

    1. I agree that jealousy is a true emotion. It exists in abundant quality.
      I talk not of suppressing but abandoning it. Like all other human emotions, it can very well be abandoned…. all we need to do is try; and that, unfortunately, no-one does, so it seems impossible,

      As for what you stated:
      1. I didn’t use the word date Y… liking someone is natural and not in our control. Suppressing it is cheating oneself and the partner by saying that we never liked anyone else except our partner.

      2. On a different thought level, i would argue why X and Y can’t date even after the presence of Z. But that’s a very different and radical thinking, plus it’s deep philosophy…so i’ll skip it, at least for now. 🙂

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