The 20 year old hopeless romantic in me is back. This time, I have a feeling to share and a doubt that is it just me who feels this way or have others shared this emotion?

Today was my second day to the Punjab and Haryana High court. Our college has organised a week trip to the court where we get to observe cases being fought in the courts.

As I sat in the various courts and met various lawyers, I felt nostalgic. This was strange as this was my first ever visit to this place. I was unable to understand why I was feeling the way I was, when suddenly one of my close friends asked, “He used to practice here, right?” That, along with my subsequent “yes” as an answer was my Eureka moment. I was feeling nostalgic because my boyfriend had practiced there for quite some time.

This, however, still felt a little strange to me, as it was not as if he was forever telling me about the high court, that i would feel nostalgic. And then it struck me, I was feeling nostalgic because unconsciously I was relating everything there to him. Eg: “This is the chamber he used to sit in”, “This is where he ate”, “These are the judges in front on whom he argued his cases” etc.

My nostalgia grew as I had lunch. I had zero interest in the substandard lunch sent by the college (rude but true). He had recommended a ‘kulcha – chola wala’ (sorry I don’t know the english translation of this!), and as he had said, it was crowded beyond belief. The chole were yumm and also it was reasonable.

Three more days at the court, and I wonder what all emotions await me..



P.S. Is nostalgia even the right word? Am not sure.

P.P.S. Take care all.

10 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. That’s really sweet…feeling nostalgic is also great sometimes…its a collection of so many uncontrolled thoughts…with various pictures and if we are flying in d sky of imagination 🙂

  2. Is this in Chandigarh .. My city … wowo I am sure thats where the high court is now thinking of that makes m nostalgic as we spent a lot of time on the roads adjacent to the court tey were os clean and big and perfect place to zoooooooooooom on the bikes and race each other …

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