Before I go on, I wish to thank Ankit for this challenge at ‘Challenge Accepted’.  I also thank him, because it is because of him that I finally am putting up something of which I have zero knowledge. Am a zero GK person as this topic,and thus, though not supposed to be so much challenging, it is actually very much so.


Let’s start with the definition of democracy – “A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives”. Sounds simple and appealing, doesn’t it ? But in the end, if not nurtured properly even democracy might end up being similar to other tried forms of governments (Oligarchy, Theocracy, Dictatorship, etc).

It is said that India is the world’s largest democracy and we all feel proud about it. But not me; Should we feel proud about it knowing very well that we are called the world’s largest democracy only because of our large population and not because of our efficiency.

Today the way things are turning up, I seriously ask myself a question – are we still a democracy ? Does our government fulfill the basic duties of a democratic government ? Are we guaranteed basic personal and political rights, fair and free elections, and independent courts of law? I doubt most of us will answer these questions in the affirmative.

In my opinion the answer to the question that whether India is a democracy, is very uncertain.
It’s not easy for a common man to get his grievances heard or get speedy justice. We are all aware of the Anna Hazare incident. A lot has been written and spoken and seen about it. The historic win of Anna Hazare can make one think that India is still a democracy as the people power played a role in this victory. The people spoke in unison and were listened to. But is that the true essence of democracy, appropriate reactions to soothe the people’s voice??
Also we aren’t sure whether the victory will have a long term or short term impact.

On to the other side, we daily read news about new scams, the black money, the Swiss bank safes and a million other such things. The people we elected as our representatives to govern us are themselves busy in filling their pockets. Instead of imposing laws, they are the first ones to break them. Most of them have criminal records against their names. And if this was not enough, more than your credentials and your work, your surname and background have began to matter. If this continues than what will be the difference between a democracy and monarchy.

In short, India is on the point of a sword, fall this side and we are a democracy and fall the other, and we are anything but a democracy.

I would like to end this article with a small anecdote which I heard. One of my friend wanted to enter politics (for the sole purpose of serving the country), but his elders told him not to do so, stating the reason that politics is not for honest people.

8 thoughts on “I LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY?

  1. Nice post.. its bad to be told largest and not strongest democracy..!

    A silly question here…. Is Lokpal bill a savior of the democracy? or the end of it?
    It just came to my mine while reading this.. waiting for more!

    1. Thanks. Glad you liked the post.
      The Lokpal… I just have one question to answer you’rs… what prohibits corruption within the lokpal? The answer cannot be that there is a system to punish corrupt people in the lokpal, there is one in the present system too. Is it effective? No. So what will change?
      What needs to be changed is not rules but implementation.

      The lokpal won’t strengthen or weaken the ‘democracy’… it won’t change anything…. the same thing in a diff name… and that’s the saddest part…

    1. 1. Do such things ever have solutions?
      2. Do we need to change it?
      3. Is this a problem at all, or just a state of existence of this country that we are classifying as a problem?

      Thanks for dropping by! Glad you did.

  2. Awesum..
    done full justice to the topic..
    was waiting for this post from a long tym… and If this is the result of my wait, i am glad that i waited….
    luved the anecdote very much…its very true
    Gr8n post….

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