Superstition is a belief in a non-physical (i.e. supernatural) causality: that one event causes another without any physical process linking the two events.


Thanks, ‘Leo‘ for this challenge at ‘Challenge Accepted‘. I am a big fan of your poetry and your blog.

The topic – “If something regarded as superstition by you, becomes true for you more than once or twice, would you still consider it as superstition or begin to believe in it?”

I’ll start by making my original stand clear – I do not believe in truth of any superstitions, AT ALL.  It is my belief that one or few particular events are not jinxed that they will always cause bad events… or doing something particularly will not cause the event to go well.

Having said that, I give due credit to human psychology because it has rightly put forth that our unconscious brain picks up things from our surroundings, without us knowingly doing so. So, now every time I mention something good, I subconsciously say, “Touch wood”. That is a superstition I ‘believe in’ even though I don’t believe it in.

Before moving on to the real topic, here’s a list of the most believed in superstitions in India:

1.       Do not proceed , if a black cat crosses your way.

2.       Looking at a cat in the morning is jinx.

3.       Giving or taking anything by the left hand is bad.

4.       Never ask the question “where are you going? ” while someone is leaving the house, its purpose will not be fulfilled.

5.       Repeatedly yawning and hiccups indicate that someone is remembering you.

6.       Sneezing odd no. of times indicates that something bad could happen.

7.       A no moon day is inauspicious.

8.       Right eye twitching is good for men, left eye twitching is good for women.

9.       Cawing of crow indicates arrival of guests.

10.   If there is itching on the right palm (left for female) you can get some money or favors.

11.   Going below the ladder is a  jinx.

12.   Taking a teaspoon of curd with little sugar before exam will bring good luck

13.   If a dog starts wailing then something bad will happen.

14.   Always donate a sum of Rs.101 instead of Rs.100 or Rs.51 instead of Rs.50. The extra rupee brings good luck.

15.   Spilling oil from the container onto the floor is a sign of bad luck and ill omen.

16.   If a framed picture of someone falls off the nail on the wall and the glass breaks, the person in the photo will be met by Death, or the family in that photo will suffer greatly.

17.   Whilst praying for someone if the diya or oil lamp flame goes out, the guy you’re praying for is going to die.

18.   Seeing a peacock is good, hearing it’s god-awful cry is bad.

19.   It’s bad of you to exchange items over the threshold separating two rooms.

20.   Bury your milk teeth in the soil.

21. The number 13 is jinxed.

22.   You don’t go to bed wearing new clothes.

Finally, on to what I was asked. Well, to answer this question to my challenger and to all others, I would like to start with a question, how much role does our unconscious mind play in our actions and our thought process and reactions to these actions? I portrayed how my unconscious mind works just a few paragraphs back.

Why I am asking is, because when a superstitious event occurs, is it not us who now perceive anything which happens after that as an affect of the event. Let me take a few examples:

  • My exam goes decently everyday. One day, on a particularly difficult paper, I decide to have sweet curd before the exam. My exam goes decent again. Now, suddenly, it’s not my hard-work, but the curd that made my paper go well?
  • I am walking to college when a black cat crosses my way. Everyday in college, there are good things and there are bad things. But today, it is not routine that made a bad thing part of my day but the black cat?
So, my answer is, that even if something which is believed in by many/most, is superstition in actuality, however many times it may come true, it will still remain superstition and not suddenly become the rule of universe for me.
I know of people who will delay their plans by 10 minutes because someone asked  them where they were headed, will walk back 3 steps as a black cat crossed their way and so on and so forth. A request to all such people, please start living in reality and not in a fantasy world where the date and day of your interview cost you the job or the curd made you  top your exams.
By the way, do leave a comment, it brings good luck for your next post. LOL…. :p

24 thoughts on “Coincidence?

  1. Good collection 🙂 And yes it is the same with me. Even if I say I don’t believe in such things, it so happens that I follow some of them and even tell others unintentionally!

    Some more that I came across.

    * Washing clothes at night is bad.
    * Cutting nail is not good at nights.
    * Getting a hair cut on the day of a week (as that of your birthday) and night is not good.
    * If you happen to see an white headed eagle flying, it brings good luck.
    * If a lizard falls on you – it means different things based on which part and what time it fell!!!

  2. i do believe my stomach tells me when an exam result is about to come, though it is more of anxiety than superstition 😉 nice way to accept the challenge. guess my question wasn’t as challenging as I am finding yours to be. nearly done though.. 😎

  3. I pooh-pooh superstitions when asked if I follow them but secretly am scared that if I fail to follow something, bad luck might prevail… Hypocrite, thy name is me:P
    Nice post, btw:)

  4. Gr8 post
    Have no words to say… as you have very well explained the whole concept of superstitions… as superstitions are nothing but small hindrances which distracts a man from reaching his goal…
    Commenting just to bring good luck for your new post…:)

  5. don’t know why cat’s are related to bad luck….i love cats, and had lots of them when i was a kid…and i am enjoying a great life…:)

    If a dog starts wailing there might be an earthquake to follow…

    number 13 is my favorite…is that a superstition?

    nice post…

    1. Even I like cats a lot, so can’t understand the logic myself.
      Number 13 is maybe not a superstition after all…. thanks for pointing it out.

      Glad you liked the post.

  6. Hey Nice Post !!!!

    I too believe that I am a little superstitious as I did avoid wearing a particular shirt on important days….as I ‘assumed’ that the shirt does not bring a good luck for me. But I am sure this list of superstitions is definitely not the decision maker in my life…..Few things I too observed (about me and superstition)

    >>This one is hilarious….I never used to change the route towards examination center while my board exams were on…..

    >>I don’t stay in Room Num 13 (A fact: Most of the Hotels in the world do not have Room Num #13)

    >>The playlists in my mobile…also have something to do with me being superstitious 😉

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