A recent chat with a friend has led me to remember many of my childhood memories. So, I decided to share a few with all my readers here.

NOTE – The pictures are random ones and not in any way related to the incidents.

When I was very young and had just learnt walking, there was a time I was learning to face my fear of jumping. Finally after many days, I made my first jump. From the carpet on to the floor. Oh, I was so proud of myself. I would flaunt myself to anyone who would hear that I had finally learnt to jump. It took me some time to realize that what I was doing was really not a jump at all.

During my young days, when I would go to swimming along with my parents, I never entered the pool out of sheer fear. This one instance I am told, that my parents were inside the pool and asked me to join in. My reply, “Andar aayungi  tab jab swimming aa jayegi.”

This one’s from way back in allahabad. At my nanaji’s house, there was a small room which was the store/ironing room/phone room (the landline was there). I used to play on the phone there. Once, nanima was ironing clothes there and for some reason she left the room. At that very time, the phone rang. I picked up thinking I was picking the phone and placed it to my ear. I think the whole house heard my scream when the hot iron touched my skin.

Once when travelling by air with my mom, I was wearing a long warm jacket. It had extra deep long pockets. (We were travelling from or to Srinagar). Mom, I think left for the washroom and I started crying, being alone. The next thing I know, I was being called by the air-hostess and my pockets (all five) were filled with toffees. The cutest thing was the expression on my mom’s face when she saw me on my seat with SO MANY toffees.

I remember, when I was in 3rd, I used to travel to my school from the army canntt by a 3-tonne (vehicle). There the  seats were arranged in rows of four, two for girls and two for boys. There was this ‘friend’ of mine, who I was always fighting with. We used to both fill in our bottles (and more if we laid our hands on them), and then empty it on each others’ head. My mom, also in the same bus (as she taught in the school) would  always end up being disgusted by it.

Once in fourth standard, we all went to spend the weekend at my masi’s place. Her son is as old as me and her daughter is 4 years elder. After dinner, the elders retired to their rooms as all three of us went to one room. We had decided we would play the whole night. Within a short time, we got bored of the board games. A ‘genius’ idea struck one of us (Don’t remember who) and we decided to cycle. I was given my cousin sister’s old cycle. To ensure that we weren’t caught, we latched everyone’s door from outside. We cycled, sat in the park etc. for a few hours. When we returned, we unlatched all doors and went to sleep.

I had recently shifted school in fourth. In my previous, even girls wore shorts on sports days. Due to this, I did not have a white skirt but white shorts instead. My hair was also very short those days. My first day was sports day, as I was wearing my white shorts. Imagine when I stood for the morning assembly in the girls line, I was told by one of the prefects that I had to shift as the boys line was on the other side. Like a baby, I cried till the time my mom was called from the senior wing to make me stop crying. She explained to the prefect that I had stood in the right line and that poor girl must also have been very embarrassed.

The last one, for now, When I was in 6th/7th, the internet cafe was newly set up where Dad was posted. I had gone there for a vacation. I usually hanged around the library and internet cafe area the whole day. The son of one of dad’s colleague came to the internet cafe in the evening, post dinner. As it was a safe area, I was also there. The whole place only had me, bhaia and the receptionist who was busy organizing the library. While I was playing games online, bhaia opened ‘a site’. When I returned home that night, I told my mom that bhaia was stupid as he didn’t even know how to spell six as he had misspelled the vowel at the internet cafe. From what I remember, bhaia got a lot of beating for his ‘spelling error’.

Now it’s your turn, all of you, please share a cute childhood memory which you remember or have been told about.

Waiting for many many cute memories as comments.

23 thoughts on “Bachpan

  1. Cute post 🙂 And you were a naughty kid… I think it had everything, everything that makes our childhood so much funfilled & beautiful 🙂 .. And I don’t remember anything of this sort of my childhood days. There are lot that my younger brother did.. 🙂 I think will compile a similar post on my blog. 🙂

    1. Thanks for dropping by. And yes, I was indeed a naughty kid. My childhood indeed was fun-filled and beautiful. I would love to read a post on a kid’s adventures (misadventures) [your brother’s].

  2. beating for the spelling error – RFOL ……& poor you u didn’t even the real reason back then

    the pic with ur mom is so beautiful.
    the iron box incident, i always thot that was only in the comedy scenes of movies. so here’s one person who actually went through it

    lovely post. childhoods are wonderful

    1. Ya, when I did realize what it was… i have been wishing since I get to meet him once and say sorry. :p
      Thanks for the compliment.
      And when young, I was a jeeta jaagta comedy movie.
      Childhoods indeed are the best.
      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Hey….its a gr88 post…got to know more about you and your innocence (shall we call you notorious!!! )

    I could recall one funny thing about me(I must be 3-4 that time)…I always used to think why people keep their hands away from the glass of the kerosine lamp…my curiosity leaded to a series of events… and I tried to pick the lamp with my little bare hands. After 5 minutes, I could see both my hands burnt and mummy used toothpaste as a medicine for pain relief…I still remember that moment and my hands with toothpaste. Benefit: Mummy feed me for almost two weeks because I couldn’t do anything 😉

    1. Notorious I was indeed.
      Oh my my! Curiosity killed the crow, hun?
      Burnt hands must be painful. But it’s so cute to also remember the part where aunty fed you for two weeks.
      Trying to visualize the scene. Shoo cute.

  4. I liked the reply to the Swimming .. only go in when you have learnt he he he nice one ..

    and oh my childhood drama’s hmmm well i have had loads tooo.. I being the only male child was pampered a lot …

    I could not see any of the pics 😦 they havea big RED Cross on them…

  5. Its tough to remember things when someone prompts you to, but if there is a close correlation of events, things start coming to the mind. For now, my mind is blank. Only that the first time I had a session on internet, I was quite intimidated of the thought on how to use it in the first place. 😛

    Blasphemous Aesthete

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