Let me count the ways

After my disappointing post on a challenge yesterday (Sorry for that to all). here I am writing again.

In the words of a friend, who rightly puts it, I think I have started on forgoing quality for quantity. That’s a disease the earlier I get rid of the better. Specially seeing how strongly I feel about blogs with quality-less matter.

I am ashamed to put myself in the category that I defined in my post – Frequent = Frivolous. I think I really should listen to my blog speaking at Thoughtful thoughts speaks.

“How do I love thee, let me count the ways.” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I have written in the past about what I think love is, about loving ourselves, and about love in many other ways.

Today, I am going to be writing about the “Combinations of love”. I wish to put forth here the various combinations of love with other feelings towards the people in my life…








I love thee as my parents – Mom and Dad. You are the reason I am here. You are the reason that I am who I am today. You have forever loved me and have always wanted the best for me. There is so much more you mean to me that cannot be put in words. I LOVE YOU.

I love thee as my siblings – Bhai, Juhi, Kutkut and Anay. You are the few who always bring a smile to my face by your sweetness. You are the most innocent souls around me (except bhai). Malice and Selfishness are words unknown to you. For all your unconditional love and support, I LOVE YOU.

I love thee as my grandparents – Nana, nani, dada, dadi. Your unconditional love and faith in me and your hopes and prayers for my well being are all symbolic of what I mean to you. For all this and so many other things, I LOVE YOU.

I love thee as my closest friend – Rahul Kabra. You are my all in one. You scold me like a parent, pamper me like a boyfriend, be with me like a true friend, and listen to me like an agony aunt. For all this and more, I LOVE YOU.

I love thee as my boyfriend – Darling. That’s what you like being called (or so I happily assume). You are my strength in my lowest times. You love me and assure me of the same when I feel that no-one stands by me. You always want me happy and always work and pray for my best. And n number of other things that words will never describe. I LOVE YOU.

I love thee as my inspiration – Ankit, Hemant, Harshit, Subrashis and Anu Mantra. You have inspired me to be able to express myself. To write and to say what comes to my mind. I owe my outspoken(written) expressions to you. You make me better by criticism. For this blog as it is today and for the part of me that expresses herself,  I LOVE YOU.

And lastly, I love thee as my reader. Thank you for your constant belief in my writing even when it has clearly been on a downfall of quality. I seek forgiveness for the same. For being with me at thoughtful thoughts, for encouraging me to write on and for contributing to thoughtful thoughts – I LOVE YOU.

Take care. Continue loving.

17 thoughts on “Let me count the ways

  1. Bring it on baby…I told you you have that in you…and it feels gr88 to hear that I am a source of inspiration for you….

    I love this line: “There is so much more you mean to me that cannot be put in words”

  2. I don’t know what made u think that ur yesterday’s post was disappointing but yes i can definitely acclaim that the 3 lines about ur parents in this post speak a lot more than ur post yesterday 🙂

    Keep writing from ur heart..and we would keep loving 🙂

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