This poem, is not in any way,an art or even close to it. It is merely something I recently experienced and which came from my brain in this form.


You said nothing will change what we have,

She said something and it all did change.

You said the way we are, is our ‘co-existence’

Then why suddenly have you become so strange.


I know it is her, through whom you know me,

but her overshadowing us comes as a surprise.

I knew knowing you will never be easy,

but never thought her domination would submerge my cries.


You say sorry,

for what has not made me feel bad.

This state of affairs,

indeed makes me very sad.


How to talk to you and what to say,

my thoughts on this are deranged.

Because in that one conversation with her,

you have completely CHANGED.

19 thoughts on “Changed

  1. well, change is the only permanent thing in life…yet it takes time for us to accept them. y play the blame game at all? just accept it with a smile šŸ™‚ nice read !!

    1. No, this poem is not about love (as is commonly known)… it’s a more complicated yet simple thing. and ‘her’ is not in any way in competition with me. she is the reason of my aquaintance with ‘him’…

      it’s confusing… and hard to understand for someone not knowing the facts as they are.

      That apart, thanks for dropping by.

  2. The rhyme scheme is so subtle yet impacting. It left a trace of the poem behind in my head even after I finished reading.
    Loved it!
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  3. So u are wrong when u said that it was not a piece of art….it definitely is..You made me visualize the entire episode…

    Awesomely written..
    Beautifully crafted…
    Amazingly presented…

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