Maybe Nothing


Two weeks back, I started a new concept on my blog… that of accepting topics to write upon from my readers – “Challenge Accepted”.

My second challenge came from a fellow blogger, Hemant, and the topic I am given, what would I change if I had the choice and authority to do so.


So here goes.


I would change nothing at all. I know that the world, society, country, us, me, are not as it should be; but do i really wish to change any of these. No.

I have a belief, that this universe is governed, at both macro and micro level, by a power (Let’s Not call him God as God is the most frivolously used word) which is beyond any of us individually and even as a complete entity. Whatever happens, happens for a reason (whether good or bad, am no one to comment) – but then again, if everything is pre-planned, the word bad has no relevance.

So yes, even if i had the power to change something, i wouldn’t. I would let things run as they are, and live with them….

20 thoughts on “Maybe Nothing

  1. Yes, I do believe the universe is governed and so are our lives as well, but not completely. Everything is not predetermined and we have our own free will to act, else life would be meaningless. This can change the future course of events. Choosing to do nothing is also an act. It’s not being neutral. I grappled with these ideas in my post Fate, destiny, chaos.

    1. Allow me to disagree, it would not be meaningless because we do not know what has been planned for us, so we act as we should (not in moral terms, but in terms of everything being pre decided), and so meaning always remains in wanting to know what is destined. 🙂
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. interesting post jhanvi. loved reading this one. you are right, going with the flow is the mandatory fact of gulp it down.

    1. No.
      As for pain and suffering, they are relative terms. If I (or anyone) were to ever remove all the pain and suffering, the things that will be left will also be in categories of how happy, content and joyful they make us. And the ones which would be in the lower categories would then become the new pain and suffering. Think about this.
      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Perhaps, I’d also choose to do nothing, but even as I say that I would choose, I’d be doing something if not tangible enough, but still, not quite like nothing. 😛

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Gr88 post Janhvi!!!!!

    It can come only from your pen….I also never wanted to see a long list of things Jojo wants to change…..(Anyone would have done that)

    gr88 thought process..let the world run the way it is running 🙂

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