If only Life had a rewind button…..

A Guest Post by Anne John in response to my request for guest posts for thoughtful thoughts. Thanks Anne.

Hey readers! If you came here eagerly wanting to read another great post by Jhanvi – sorry to disappoint you all. It looks like today you’ll have to be content with my humble writing instead. Although I have been blogging for more than 3 years now and have also written for magazines, this is my first official blog guest post and I thank Jo for this opportunity, her lovely blog as well as for all her brilliant ideas – and I’m sure that you will all agree with me on that! So without much further ado, here we go! Hope you will enjoy reading as much as I did writing it!

If only Life had a rewind button…..

Have you ever felt that way? I have. Lots of times! I know that there are a blessed few who live with absolutely no regrets. Then there are others who fool themselves into thinking that they have no regrets. Unfortunately, I don’t fall into either of the two above mentioned categories. I accept that in my moderately short life so far, I do have a handful of instances which, if given a chance, I would like to change. Let me give you 3 such examples:

  1. Learning to sing & dance: Once when I was a young girl in school, there was an audition for a singing competition. The person-in-charge was asking each child to come forth and sing individually, before selecting or rejecting them. I went ahead and happily started singing some song. No sooner had I sung a couple of lines, when to my utter mortification, the teacher asked me to stop and join the rejected group. Somehow this lodged deeply into me and from that day onwards I can never make myself sing in front of anyone. Hardly no one has ever heard me sing! And hardly no one has ever seen me dance either. Although no untoward incident happened to disenchant me with dancing, I am just too self-conscious to dance in front of people. I have always envied people who can sing so beautifully and dance so gracefully. Sigh! If only I had learnt both…I know that learning never stops and I can still go and join some classes and learn now. But still, if I could go back to my childhood, I would learn both singing and dancing properly.
  2. Taking up engineering: I knew right from high school that engineering was not my cup of tea. And yet I took up the maths & science group and went on to complete my engineering in Information technology as well as 4 years in a reputed software company! Only to later chuck all of that, complete my Diploma in Freelance Journalism and start working in the creative writing field-which has always been my passion. I’m glad that it is working out, but I threw away almost 10 years of my life, doing something which I utterly hated, dreading every single minute of it. What a waste! If only I had followed my heart and started on this career a long time back, I could have been an established professional by now instead of being a newbie. Well, what to do!
  3. Meeting certain people: In this world, there are some people whom you wish you had met earlier and some whom you wish you had never ever crossed paths with. Looking back now, I can see just how much time, energy and emotion I invested in some completely hopeless people, who never deserved even an iota of my attention in the first place. Like “dementors“all they ever did was, suck the life out of me! Again, what an absolute waste! I could have spent all efforts on something quite useful instead!

Of course, every incident in our lives serves to teach us something and to transform us gradually, a little by little; whether for the better or for the worse, it is up to us to choose.  What did I learn from the above? Firstly, that children are highly impressionable. If we do or say something carelessly without thinking about the consequences, it can leave an ever-lasting impression in the mind of a child. I am sure that the teacher did not have any intention to hurt me. She was just doing her job, choosing the best for the competition. I don’t know if the other children rejected along with me would even remember this incident. But I do. Hence I think that maybe situation could have been handled a bit more sensitively…

From the second incident I learnt to trust my instincts. No matter what other people say, even if they say it in your best interests, it is important that you don’t shut out the quiet little inner voice inside you. Listen to that.

And finally from the third, I learnt never to take people at their face value. Although you might be an open book, others need not necessarily be so and you need to read between the lines and look a little deeper. In short, get smarter!

So readers, tell me, if you could turn back time, what would you change in your lives?

20 thoughts on “If only Life had a rewind button…..

    1. Thanks confusedyuppie!
      You’ve got a great sense of humour that shines through brilliantly in all your posts!
      And yes, I do hope your daughters get better treatment 🙂

  1. Very interesting subject.. Although I don’t deny that it did came across my mind many times.. I am sure, it is the same case with everyone else…

    Most often we will not be knowing what we want to do in life and end up taking up something that we never wanted or we don’t like at all.. Glad to know that you took a bold step by changing it in a very sensitive phase where we look out for stability and think twice before taking any risk… And about the other two aspects, well I don’t have any specific comments coz my opinion is the same as what you have written…

    If I had a chance to go back and change something… well I think it may require another full post to answer that 🙂 … Nice post and you do have a nice blog of your own too…

  2. I liked the way you introduced yourself. In last 4 months of my blogging journey I read a hell lot of blogs including guest posts. Wrote many many guest posts as well.but never seen such intro. It indeed forced me to read what’s next.

    Further, To answer to your question. I if could, i will rewind my life and remove internet and social media from my life. It gave me more pain then happiness but still i love it.

    BY the way, Your post is nice. I would love to read more from you.

    1. Thanks Subhash!
      Well if you had rewound and done that, then I wouldn’t be getting such nice compliments from you na?! So! I hope that this wish of yours doesn’t come true 😉

  3. Firstly, Thank you So Much Anne for such a wonderful post. Am so happy to welcome you as a part of my dear blog. 🙂
    Moving on, we all have regrets ans wishes in life. I am sure there is not one person who doesn’t have a single regret.
    This post was a little peep into the making of you, and it’s absolutely delightful.
    As for my own regrets:
    I wish I had never met my ex boyfriend, and also my ex best friend.
    I wish I had not been excessively lazy last year
    I wish…………. oh there are so many wishes!

    But my current wish – I wish you always remain a part of thoughtful thoughts.

    1. Jojo, Still someone said that, life is in our hands, we can turn it the way we want no matter where we are. we should have the will power to make that changes.

      hope it make sense to you.

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