Awarded.. and continuing the cycle

I got my first award in the blogging world. It was given by a fellow blogger in this post. Thank you Hemant for the award.

So ,here I am, officially accepting the award, and doing what needs to be done.

Every award comes with some promises, so I am posting the following questions and answers as a part of this post.
1. 7 Random things about myself – You can find them here.
2. Answer of following questions:a) Name my favorite song  – Many hindi songs, but the one which is currently my most played would be Jiyein Kyun, from the movie Dum Maaro Dum.
b) Name my favorite dessert – gajar ka halwa and butterscotch icecream
c) What is pissing me off – Nothing in particular
d) My favorite pet – Dog or fish or birds…. (not too sure which is favorite among these)
e) My best feature is – my eyes (so I have heard)
f) Everyday attitude – Do the needful
g) What is perfection – To be the best we can be. There is nothing as absolute perfection and thus it cannot be defined.
h) Guilty pleasure – Chocolate brownie
i)Your biggest fear – Fear itself (of anything) [ I am planning to dedicate a post to this someday 🙂 ]
3. Award 15 blogs.(am awarding 18)
There is a change of rule though. You do not need to necessarily post this post on your blog. You can also accept the award by just dropping a comment here at my post.
Happy blogging everyone.

25 thoughts on “Awarded.. and continuing the cycle

  1. Thanks Janhvi for the honor and also congrats to you too…
    You are doing a very good work and I appreciate your post for their relevance and simplicity.

    Keep it up

    1. Before i started writing this post.. i was going through everything in my blog… came across the subscriptions… this was the link with your name… and i didnt look into much detail and thought about posting this over the other….. now that you tell me it’s abandoned… i mentioned the new one…

  2. hi . THnaks for the award. I wanna mention the blog you mentioned for mine is kinda old and abandoned. I am not using it . If you think you can take any article from if worth or mention someone else’s name who worth it.

    Thank you.

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