I recently came across the question – “What makes you happy”? And after thinking over it for more than a week, here I am, trying to answer the question. Am just changing the question a bit – What is happiness to me?

My family makes me happy, my friends make me happy, enjoying makes me happy, doing something which makes others proud of me makes me happy… But all these are uncertain and unpredictable… these things make me happy most of the times, but there are exceptions to all of these. So though they make me happy, they are not what happiness to me.

I don’t include them in my answer, because i define happiness as not something temporary but as something that exists in all situations, even when i am apparently saddened or angry.

Happiness is certain; happiness is ever existent; happiness is unconditional.

Thus being with my sister makes me happy, but is not happiness.

Being with my boyfriend makes me happy, but is not happiness.

Enjoying with my close friends makes me happy, but is not happiness.

Making others around me proud makes me happy, but is not happiness.

Now to the original and difficult question,  what is happiness to me?

If all things that come to mind cause temporary happiness, then there has to be something which is true happiness to me.

Does it necessarily have to be other things/occasions/people? No… so something bigger than all these has to be the meaning of happiness for me. What could that be?

My answer would be myself. I am my happiness, certainly and unconditionally. Think about it, all the temporary things i have mentioned above and many I have not mentioned, what is the one common factor for the answer……. I AM.

So the next time you wish to be happy, look inside you and not on external sources (be it objects, people, or occasions).

Take care all. And stay happy with yourselves.

19 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. Very true. Happiness is you. If keeping yourself happy commands you to love your family and friends, so be it. If that means, doing a little bit of charity, so be it. Well, I believe all our actions, are in-fact driven towards making ourselves happier. We, humans, are a selfish lot. 😀

    1. Thanks for coming. Glad you agree. And how truly said, we are selfish, but for the good, because if we can’t keep ourselves happy, how can we think of giving happiness to others?

  2. very true indeed…

    when i am temporary how can i expect for permanent happiness within me!
    life is a temporarily happiness!

    i liked the way u expressed urself very nice…

    keep writing & smiling… 🙂

    1. Wow! That was a great waking call. I wonder why I didn’t see it like this myself, owing to the fact that I agree with you.
      Thanks for adding this. And in my defense of what I wrote ( though you did get me there – still formality sake :p) – The inner happiness is atleast permanent related to happiness from objects.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  3. You have said so right we waste so much time thinking about external objects making us happy but yesssa I am happy when I make myself happy and that is happinesss…

    Lovely thought….

  4. Someone has rightly said….”The source of all gr8 things is within YOU”

    Kungfu Panda two also inspired from the same concept….”Inner Peace”

    Nice post…

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