Murder or Suicide

I was told this very interesting story by a friend recently.

A guy once climbed the top of his apartment building to jump and take his life. What her was unaware was, was that on one of the floors, the residents had extended a net out of their window.
On jumping, this man fell into the net and did not die, YET.

At the very same time, the resident man of the house was threatening his wife with a gun, and he fired a shot. This shot went outside the window and hit the jumper who then died.
When this case was bought up against the man with the gun in the court, everyone, including his wife, told the court that it had been his long habit and that his gun was never loaded. His wife even said that this was the reason that the gun (a licensed one) was bought in the first place.. so that he could fire an empty gun and vent his anger. Everyone also said that there was no way the old man could have put the bullet in the gun as he had no access to any bullets.
It was discovered that the young man who died was in a financial crisis as he had taken a heavy loan and was unable to repay it, so he had decided to take his life. But before this, he had decided on a plan. He knew his father had a habit to point and shoot a gun at his mother. He had filled the gun with bullets in the hope that his father might shoot his mother, get convicted and then he minght get the money. Due to sheer frustation of them not fighting when he expected, he had taken the other course.

The court ruled this judgement in favour of the father and said that as the son had himself filled the bullets in the gun, it was a case of suicide.

Do you agree with the judgement?

18 thoughts on “Murder or Suicide

    1. Not knowing how genuinely it is written (it seems spam to me)…
      Though very little of the comment seems to be in sync with the post, (if at all)………..thank you..

  1. seriously, Did this actually happen ??

    wow… it’s like a scene out of a noir film!!

    hmhm… what are the chances?

    Well, Guess the father, if he is punished- it should not be for premeditated murder but – for his carelessness in not noticing that the gun was loaded.

    Can you punish him for that ?? I am no lawyer bat at-least, the father can be issued a strict warning or something …

    What say ??

  2. A very popular story, you will read in I.P.C., Its not the Fault of the father as he was unaware of the fact that the gun is loaded. The Father can be convicted for culpable homicide not amounting to murder, but not murder. And the son has committed suicide…….

  3. Yes i do beleive its not the fault of the father for sure … dont know if it shud be suicide as the fisrt comment he murdered himself or planned it that way 🙂

  4. it’s is a popular story among the lawyers…one i heard had a different ending….the twist was that there was a construction going on and hence there was a net to prevent people from falling and dying. the son didn’t know that. so he would have been alive if the bullet was not fired. he was shot dead…and the person responsible for for his death is he himself….but he did not do it on purpose so it was not a suicide….the court ruled that it was a murder, the son murdered himself !!!

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