The Darker Us

Remember the last time you pointed to a person and commented on his nature? We are forever classifying people on the basis of whether they are good or bad. In real life,though, none of us is completely Harry Potter (the good guy), or Voldermort (the bad guy). We aren’t black or white… we are always grey. Yes, there is a bright side and a dark side, but mostly it’s a mixture of both that is active in us.

So today I am here, writing this post about the darker us.. that part of us which we, along with the others wish never existed, but it does.


Before I move on, I want to let you know the birth of this post. I am at times scared (literally) of my closest friend. This happens whenever I get a peek into his dark side. So, when this topic came up again today, and I did indeed get scared, I decided to write about this to my readers.

This dark side could range from laziness to lying to being judgmental to being a cold blooded murderer. The degrees are varying but all of these are in the same category. My saying that I am lazy but at least not a druggie or murderer is not justifiable. I can’t possibly hide my faults behind others’, even if they are darker than mine.

I ask us all today (including myself), do we know our darker side? Think before saying yes or no. And let’s not answer the question as simply as yes or no, it’s much bigger than that. If we don’t know our dark side, why is it so… have we never tried or have we tried and are not ready to accept it. (Non acceptance also falls on that side of the classification). And if we do, are we doing anything to come out of it?

Having said that, none of us can ever be completely out of our dark sides. The black has to exist for the existence of the white. That is the law of nature, one exists only as long as the other.  (But more on that in some other post, some other day). The best we can do, is to know our darker selves and try and reduce their impact on our lives.

I leave with the hope that we will all introspect into ourselves and answer ourselves. The external world never needs answers, it is always ourselves who need to be answered.


P.S. Feedback is always welcome with open arms. Positive feedback will make me happy, and negative feedback will make me improve.

Take care.

34 thoughts on “The Darker Us

  1. Welcome to the darker side. Nice post.

    Now I’ll start blabbering. Please don’t mind. 🙂
    So first of all, personally I have accepted my darker side and I am open about it. I don’t hide it from others. Problem is people are not willing to accept that side of me. Maybe they fear their own dark side will surface or they think being with me will sully them, their reputation.
    It’s not as if I’m controlled by my dark side. Over these years I’ve tamed it perfectly. It sometimes do get unleashed but that’s serves as good only (I make sure of it that it doesn’t look bad at least). 🙂
    Second thing is — Why did you put laziness under the category of Dark. Being a Libran, I consider it as a quality. 😛 (I’m still in my bed at 10:35 in the morning, skipped my office to take rest. Lolzzz. What’s dark in this. I’m enjoying my life.) 🙂

    “My saying that I am lazy but at least not a druggie or murderer is not justifiable.” – I consider this as a direct assault to my freedom. I’m hurt. 😛
    But you keep pointing such question and I’ll be a better person some day.

    Thanks for reading till the end ( an end to my blabbering).

    1. Thanks for such a detailed comment. It means a lot when someone gives so much time to my posts. (And it isn’t blabbering at all).
      It’s great to hear that you have accepted your darker side and even controlled it too.
      The problem with truth is, that more than being hard to tell, it is hard for the others to accept it. Many lies would not be told if only the listeners were ready to accept the truth.
      As for laziness, i include it as a part of the darker side because it is one of my dark qualities. Being lazy is perfectly normal, and so nothing dark about it till now, but my laziness nearly cost me a year at college…this extent of laziness is what makes it dark.

      It’s great to have you here after such a long time. You had it seems hibernated (monsoon hibernation). :p

  2. I remember my 2nd year lecture on the circle in our Advanced Mathematics course.
    Our philosophical professor said ‘A circle is either a circle or not a circle. There is nothing like almost a circle’
    He extrapolated the thought to LIEs. He said, it is either a lie or not a lie. It’s not a small lie or a big lie.
    You have very beautifully portrayed it by extending the thought to the dark side.
    It’s not like it’s small or large. You just have it and it’s the same, nonetheless.

  3. Jhanvi,

    What a thought provoking post. As I was reading, I felt most of us want to ignore our darker side. But, it will show up sometime.
    Maybe, in our daily life we enter into selective amnesia mode, where we would gracefully forget the times spent with our darker side.

    Good one!

    1. Am glad you liked the post. Yes, our conscious mind makes us forget our encounters with our darker side and we happily believe ourselves to not have one.
      Thanks for dropping by and spending time on this blog.

  4. Good post .. Totally agree with you that we have shades of Grey in all of us..

    We all do silly things and react t osituations .. The thing is What we think is the right reaction may not beright for someone else .. SO what is grey for me , may be white or worse BLACK for others ..

    Its a individual trait , I do have black traits in me , I get angry too fast and do things which I would not if I was in my right state of mind ..
    There have been occasions when during i a shift i have had this urge to do SOMEthing nasty or after coming home i have wished the worst on someone ..

    that does make me scared what if i had let myself go , what woul i have ended up doing …

    as such we do things which we would never when pushed to a corner ..

    1. Thanks for the compliments and for dropping by!
      And very well said, that the shades may vary from person to person. 🙂
      And it’s best we keep our dark sides leashed, else as red handed rightly pointed out, we all have a murderer in us.

  5. Hey Jhanvi….U asked me to review your blog through a indimail…

    I am extremely overwhelemd with your writting…from the myraid of topics you write about and the way to speak out your heart in those powerful words strikes through my head and heart….Keep Penning!!!

    I loved your space…Do visit me and participate in my blogs first giveaway at

  6. Great post……
    ya u r rite everyone has a dark side…. the only thing required is to identify it and to work on it…..
    Sorry for the sabbatical from the blogging world….will return back soon……..

  7. Nice read- you know we all have dark sides, it is how we use them and for what purpose determines it ‘s impact on our lives.]

  8. Well…..Life is all about the chances we take and the choices we make. The question is if we are aware or not.

    Nice post…you have made ppl think about their darker side…..

  9. Well written post….yes everyone of us have a dark side, it is upon us to accept our dark side and try not to yield to it. I agree with Red Handed that all of us are potential murderers…..and as for your friend, don’t be scared ( unless he has yielded to his dark side. )

  10. Well i know my dark side and to what extent i can go. Maybe murderer extent 😛
    No really! Its just that nothing has made my dark side come out tilll now
    We all are potential murderers honey

    Great read!

  11. light-dark is all there….in he mind where…we are yet to reach….

    great post…I agree that we should try to know both our darker and brighter sides….it will be then knowing ourselves….know yourself and you will know the universe….tough road ahead…but effort has to be made….

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