Romantic Dates

I am a normal girl, who may have many thoughts about a lot of things, but at the end of the day, I am like all other 20 year old girls, a dreamer when it comes to romance.

Every girl out there, has her own idea of  the most romantic date. Today, I am sharing mine.

In my case, there are two: an outdoor date and an indoor date.

The outdoor date:

Roaming aimlessly in a garden, barefoot on the grass, both at day (romantic cloudy weather) and night (surrounded by the clouds and stars and moonlight), watching the sunset from a beach like place. Lying down holding hands and gazing endlessly at the sky, talking sweet nothings. Talking about everything that matters and that does not matter. Just having a relaxing time with nothing on the mind… no worries… no stress.. just him and I…. alone with each other.

The indoor date:

Cooking together, and then eating together. Sitting and just talking to each other for long hours. Watching a romantic movie on television (cd player) with popcorn. Timelessness… I have no issues with this going on for days.

Now, in retrospect, both these are very similar… but then that’s how it is with me…..

Mr Boyfriend, are you up to this? :p

All girls and guys, share your perfect date(s) as comments… and also boys do you know the perfect date(s) of your girlfriend or the girl you like. If not, hurry up and know. It’s very important.

17 thoughts on “Romantic Dates

  1. Ha Ha! How I remember those days Jhanvi, when I had my own ideas of romantic dates.
    But, when I things actually happened.. I understood, we should have a different lens for romance. When we love a person, we start seeing romance in every single thing.
    Ahh.. You made go back 5 years in my life.. Things changed drastically! for the good though..

  2. @Janhvi: Nice one…how about a date in CCD which ends up with loads of fun 😉 😉 you got it right….anyways….below is what i want to say:

    Sitting and watching her endlessly……singing her a song…… her favorite dish without letting her enter kitchen……making her a cup of coffee on sunday morning…..watching her while she is watching television…..sitting on d seashore with her hands in my hands…….sitting on a riverbank with my head on her lap…..watching the City Paris from Effile Tower….Boating together with a view of sunset in the background…..Oh my god…is it a birth of new post 🙂

    Your post made me think today…

  3. Thats all it matter Being together and Happy..

    as the above comment its not jsut girls .. boys too want the same , they probably dont say it thats all..

    Have fun girl and enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyy and keep smiling

  4. Aaah for me being together is all that matters. even if friends around, i am sure we can steal few moments alone and that makes it all the more cravalicious.. (if nay word exists like tht :P)

    Beautiful it seems!
    Loved the post!

  5. great post…

    indoors or outdoors…when ever we are alone together, it seems like a romantic date…

    add to that a bit of cold breeze… romantic music…and a full moon…

  6. “All girls, share your perfect date(s) as comments… and boys, do you know the perfect date(s) of your girlfriend or the girl you like. If not, hurry up and know. It’s very important.”

    Why this one-sidedness? It is true that boys likely spend less time imagining dates, but it is far from unheard of—and getting it right is just as important for the girl as for the boy. (Given that she wants him to fall in love: If she is only looking for sex, the margin of error is likely larger.)

    As for myself, I would argue that the when, where, and what are far less important than the who. However, there is a lot to be said for the cliches (candle-lit dinners, walks on a summer night, .and the like).

    1. It was one-sided based on my assumption that girls are more into romanticism than guys… but it seems i was wrong. Thanks for correcting me. 🙂
      And the who is extremely important, i agree, but you would still agree that being with the who at any normal place and being with the who alone in a special situation are two very different experiences.

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