Please don’t show this advertisement now!

We’ve all seen advertisements on television that we would rather not see, at least at that moment, or maybe never.

All of us here would have had a time when we were sitting with a family member of the opposite gender and a sanitary napkin ad flashes on the television. Girls feel odd (at least I do), having their father or brother(s) etc around, and guys feel awkward watching such an ad anyway. And it’s very hard explaining to a kid in the room what it is all about (personal experience)

Then comes the toilet cleaner ad… an extremely detailed ad… not what I want to see when eating or drinking something …or actually not see at all.

Seated with your family, you can’t get more embarrassed than when something like this comes up… such ads are only liked if you are sitting with your partner (lover).

My suggestion is just like the censor board puts many shows in the late night slots, some ads should be put there too….. because otherwise I would love to know how do they sit through such commercials with their family members.

*To the sensor board people – Try having food with a toilet full of germs on your TV, or trying to explain to your young child what a sanitary napkin or a condom is….

6 thoughts on “Please don’t show this advertisement now!

  1. Ha Ha…very apt !!! Tat so happens so many times !!! and i hate to even ‘name’ that add while eating drinking…and just in all such ‘fast fwd’ wishing times u won’t find the remote !!
    Good note !
    May u have a great day (sans those adds 😉 )

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