Do I Know You?

Do I know you dear readers? Maybe, maybe not.

Do I know anyone around me? My family, my closest friend…. the love of my life.

Do we ever know anyone in our lives, more than what they tell/show us about themselves. Yes, we observe, and some of us observe very keenly indeed, but is observation not flawed as it knows only what is shown?

Think about it… think of your best friend… or a close relative… and then think how much do you know about them. And think of it this way, is not all you know based on them…. OBVIOUSLY, how silly of me to ask that… what we know of someone is all dependent on that person, and that’s exactly my point.

I wrote a post once, on the many personalities of man in today’s world. You can, if you so wish, read that post here. And tell me now, do we not know just one face of a person? If someone has many faces (and everyone does) and you know one; or if you are lucky two, faces of the person, do you really know him/her? The answer, dear reader, is unfortunately no. You know a part of that person, and nothing more.

So I ask you again, even if you are a close friend – Do I know you?

And does anyone know me?

9 thoughts on “Do I Know You?

  1. You will only that part of a person which he wants to show to you. Unless you are very good in observing others you wouldn’t learn much about that person……even its your best friend, there are some aspects he/she will never tell….and don’t expect him/her to do is as well….so one shouldn’t ponder that why someone is hiding the true self…. read the following blog, it might help you.

  2. Oh some heavy stuff !! 😀 But i guess am quite happy knowing my people with the faces they prefer to show me..i just love the way they are..even their many faces ..but to me they are this one lovely person in my life.
    And i love the face u preferred to share with me too.
    Thanks for that 🙂
    Cheers !

    1. Firstly, thanks for the compliment.
      I was referring to the time when we do get to see the other face of the person (which happens some day or the other) and then get hurt.
      Anyway, take care.

  3. do we know ourselves? I doubt…probably we only know only a part of ourselves…imagine how difficult it is to know others..

    nice post…


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