He’s Legend-dary

For all those who connected the title to the person who says it, great guess…. this post is about BARNEY STINSON.

Barney Stinson is a character on a show How I Met Your Mother, (On Star World in India). His best friend (“bro”) is Ted Mosby along with other friends Marshall, Lily and Robin.

He and all he does are in his own words, “Awesome” and “Legend – wait for it – dary, legendary”. Apart from these, one more thing he just loves to say is “Suit up”.

Well, I am in love with the character, and had Neil Patrick Harris not been gay I may have fallen in love with him too. :p

A little info on Barney :

Barney is a famous womanizer, and all his tricks of getting women to bed have been carefully filed by him in his Playbook. Barney is shown to have serious relationship issues not only with respect to girls, but also with his father, who abandoned him when he was very young.
So all the Barney Stinson fans, leave a reply and let me know what all I left about him (there would be a lot) and for all those people who haven’t seen Barney, go watch the show. (I am not ready to believe that there exists a category of people who have seen the show and are not Barney fans πŸ˜€ )

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