Simplicity – Who is it?

Let’s get the simple things aside first – What is simplicity? Google gives me – “The quality or condition of being easy to understand or do.”

Is that done? Not in the least.. It has not even started.

I defy the Google definition of simplicity. The statement of the picture is also not completely right but the picture emphasizes a major point – What we know as simplicity is a farce.

We happily call someone who fails to understand complicated and witty things as simple. ” He is so simple, he does not understand that the other person is being witty and fooling him.” I am extremely sorry to break this news to all such people (and it includes me) , that we are not simple, we are dumb.

So, what is simplicity?

True SimplicityThis is. As ‘simple’ as that.

Readers, I fail here, I cannot define simplicity in words. Simplicity is in the mind, and that it is where it will always be. Anyone claiming to define simplicity, is LYING.

My post, though is about who is simple. Do we know anyone who is simple, in the true sense? Is there anyone alive who is simple? Maybe, maybe not.

A simple person, according to me, is…………. I Don’t know. If I can’t define simplicity, how can I define a simple person. I can, though, define the majority of people, who are NOT simple for sure – read here.

However there are some symptoms of simple people:

  1. They will not unnecessarily complicate matters. No linking one topic to another to another… and thus making a web.
  2. They will only say as much as required. Conversation was invented for the sake of communication, not for wasting time in unnecessary chit chat. Also, they will not always say. There will be times when others will think of them to be non – responsive, that is because a response was not necessary.
And all this is my thought only. They could be apt or could be completely nonsensical.

But let me tell you one thing, when and IF you ever meet a ‘Simple’ person, a truly simple person… you would know instantly. I won’t even ask you to be on the lookout for two reasons :

  • There are not enough (if any) people to lookout for
  • As I said, you will recognize them instantly.
I’ll end on the note that I think I know a person on the road to true simplicity (by my parameters)….. and as always, I could be wrong. I think that person, if  reading this, would understand who I am mentioning, and your comments too would be welcome. 🙂
Take care all.

23 thoughts on “Simplicity – Who is it?

  1. Simplicity is when unknowingly you carry a mobile into the examination hall and realizing you mistake tells the examiner only to be shown the doors. That’s a self experience.

    Weakest Link:)

  2. Simply beautiful…

    It is tough to be simple, and simple to be tough…we used ‘simple’ in both places in that statement as per our own convenience…

    Nice post…


    1. And here you are again… substantiating the whole post with one line, more than I could do in the many lines I wrote… 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

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