I recieved this, at my place yesterday. ( Picture from the ferns and petals site)

The teddy was a little different, smaller but cuter, with a heart held between it’s hands. And this gift made my day. I was feeling very low, it being my grandmother’s first death anniversary, but this gift got a smile on my face.

So a huge thanks, and a hug to the sender.

The roses will die out some day soon, but I wish I could preserve them forever. Keep them the way they were when they arrived, all happy and smelling wonderful and bright. And that is how they made me, happy and smiling.

So, this has gotten me to write about this cute manifestation of love. A gift sent when it was most needed. And it makes me think, if this is not love, what is? The person who sent this was considerate enough to remember the day and to make sure I had something to smile about. (  I have mentioned smiling a trillion times in this post, i know, but it should just show you how much indeed it did make me happy).

Many of us are “in love”, but how often do we understand these small details that show our love? And if we do, how often do we go ahead and implement them?

Think about it, and if you love someone, “show it, it’s better than saying it”. That was a cliche’ quote.

P.S. My last post on love was at a very different level from this one….. but you need to understand, that post was written by the brain, this one has been written by the heart.

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