A little standpoint on GOD

NOTE : This post is not a personal attack on any believer of God (as the concept exists majorly today) or on any preacher or on God himself (herself)… It is merely my standpoint on the concept. You can happily disagree and all of your comments, except for abuses (preferably) are accepted. I would much appreciate if you let me know, via comments, if you differ from my opinion, or even if u agree. 🙂

The following are the three major concepts regarding God that the majority believes in:

1. That God exists everywhere but also only in the statues that are made of him and put in the place of worship.

2. That God “forbids” us from doing such and such things.

3. That God decides EVERYTHING and those who help themselves are helped by God and the others are punished for not working themselves.

Think about it

My arguments:

1. That God exists everywhere but also only in the statues that are made of him and put in the place of worship. – We have all grown up hearing God is everywhere. And we have all also grown up hearing why we should visit our holy place of worship regularly (The time period of each visit depends from religion to religion/ belief to belief). And why the paradox.If God is everywhere, I could be praying while doing ANYTHING at all. Why do I need to sit in a particular place to pray?  Also, then why do we stop women from visiting holy places during their menstrual cycle? Is God not where they are sitting instead of going to the place of worship?

If God indeed was the stone that was turned into the ‘form of God’ (whatever that is, because I am yet to hear of anyone having witnessed God in a form, but anyway), then everyone who knows how to give shapes to rocks and stones, is a God Maker.

So decide people, either tell the others around you that God is everywhere OR tell them to visit your temple/mosque/gurudwara etc. Stop this double standards.

2. That God “forbids” us from doing such and such things. – “It is against our religion to have meat/ to drink/ to……………………………….. ” Why? God came and told you so? Or is it even mentioned in your original holy texts (the unadulterated for personal purposes version). It’s only something you and your religion has made believe for convenience and for distinction. ‘We are Hindus and they are not as we do/do not do this’…….. CRAP. Wake up people. God has not asked you not to have meat, or drink alcohol or not visit your “place of worship” during certain days of the month (this one applies only to women). We ( Society/Religion) have made the restrictions. God is not going to punish a Hindu Brahmin for having non-veg ( I am yet to be punished), or a Muslim for drinking (my cousin does).

3.That God decides EVERYTHING and those who help themselves are helped by God and the others are punished for not working themselves. – God does everything and decides everything, right? That’s what we all happily believe in, calling it destiny or luck. A little more on this here. So if he decides EVERYTHING, it is he who decides whether I am lazy or hardworking, whether I will do this today or procastinate. How is it that God decides our ‘results’  but not our actions. Are they not part of everything?

We often say, “how unlucky you are. God punished you for his actions.” WAIT A SECOND HERE. God is the all knowing, all understanding, fair and just master. Then how can he make such a goof-up? Or, the other common thing, “It seems God doesn’t want you to be happy, so he is making your family and friends not support you”. If God is “making” others not support you, then why do we say to them, ” why are you doing this and hurting him/her. You should be considerate.” Now, where did these double standards come from?

So decide, is God deciding everyhting including the result or not deciding anything. THIS IS NOT A SYSTEM OF CONVENIENCE WHERE YOU PUT TO GOD WHAT YOU WISH AND TAKE THE REST TO YOURSELF.

Think about it, and think hard.

P.S. There are many things in this post that I have mentioned that I do not believe in, but have let it pass. Eg: Religion, Hindus, Muslims, Brahmins etc……… I disagree to these concepts entirely.

42 thoughts on “A little standpoint on GOD

  1. Thanks for pointing me towards this post on my blog, it is gratifying to meet people with similar thoughts. Religion is an ancient form of a legal constitution, a book of law, book of knowledge and i guess it is nothing more when it was originally constituted. It also served the purpose of explaining the unexplainable. If we can not understand a natural phenomena then lets attribute it to GOD. Over the years it got further misconstrued in to some completely different and something that i can understand no longer.
    But I also want to play devils advocate by saying it gives hope…it helps a lot of people cope up with difficult times in their lives and the lives of their loved ones. While i do not understand religion and GOD i am sometimes seen folding hands and wishing for a miracle to happen specially at times of great distress. That sounds hypocrisy to me but it still helps me cross the river.
    Over the years i have come to accept or create my own form of religion, which lays the simple postulate: “any action, that does not cause physical or emotional harm to another fellow including yourself, can be pursued if you so desire.”

    1. It surely is great to meet someone with a similiar view point. I so agree that religion ang God have been blown way out of propotion, and extremely hard to logically understand.

      As for your point, I agree that is gives hope, I only have issues when people make it a criteria for fooling people, making them serve you, or as bad as murder.

      I love your definition and so agree with it.

  2. To start with I must u have a very neat blog…Nothing clumsy about it..Maybe a bit bigger size would be better…Moving on, I totally stand by ur opinion about religion and God…I am mostly an agnostic and prefer not to talk on such topics, but then these thoughts have crossed my mind as well on numerous occssions, and it’s actually hearty to see someone feeling the same about all this hypocrictical stuff!

  3. Wow, I am so amazed at these thoughts ! Not only because you put them up very well, but also because I had similar thoughts and I had shared them on my blog too…

  4. some of your thoughts matches with mine. I also believe that if god is everywhere why there is need to go to temple or mosque? As an MBA aspirant I see it other way, economically we are doing a great loss to ourselves and country by giving money to god. I never understood the concept of giving money to god, why god himself need money? give flowers, oil, food to poor people. even money to them, why in temple. people through money in rivers, and that way that money is out of economy, half of the money is at the bottom of ocean. a great loss to economy. If money in the temples is rooted back to the economy we can have so many problems solved.

    Keep writing such posts….

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by. It’s good to know someone shares our thought process. It’s not only about being out of the economy, but also about the farce created by priests and the likes to get money for themselves. (No offences to anyone as I myself am from a Brahmin family)… but what is true is true.

  5. Those are valid points you’ve brought up. The point pertaining to religious misogyny alone is sufficient to dismiss religion as biased and very un-universal. The scriptures and myths were told and written by men. Those told by women were muted over time. If we ask ourselves who told us stories when we were kids, 90 out of 100 times the answer would be mother or grandmother. Women were and are natural born storytellers. Yet we get the masculine versions, most likely, twisted on purpose to silence the gender known academically as the other. Please refer to: First there was Woman and Other Stories: Folktales of the Dungri Garasiya Bhils. (This is one example that ‘providentially’ survived His-story.) If I haven’t mentioned already, all the tales and what not we find in the scriptures were first folktales verbally told for generations before it was put down to scrolls. What comes to pass as absolute words of god truly is twisted versions of the the real tales, first tales. Once it’s put to paper, there’re no more revelations. Now we’re to live by what was thought moral and what else in an era far too distant in the dusty pre-history. That doesn’t mean they’re void of substance. They can enlighten us, inspire us, guide us, all true. Yet it’s not like these virtues, good, bad aren’t something we wouldn’t have known hadn’t the voices from above told us.

    It’s my personal belief, though not all the time, that god is that one big absence, that god is not a being but a becoming. It’s hard to explain, I’ll try. No, will just quote: “I don’t feel that it is necessary to know exactly what I am. The main interest in life and work is to become someone else that you were not in the beginning.”
    — Michel Foucault

    One more thing, there’s a belief that science will replace religion. Science has been here for, what, a few centuries. We’ve had renaissances, revolutions, innovations yet science is here and so is religion and this most likely will be the case were this planet to thrive another few millennia…because there’re mysteries of the mind that are not for science to fathom. Science to me, for all its advantages, is as impotent as religion but people will choose religion over science because it is and can be a comfort beyond compare. We can hope, all the same, things do change and change for good.

    1. Thank you for dropping by and spending your valuable time on my post.
      It’s truly heartening to see such responses and people who see things for as they truly are and not live in blindness.

      I join you in hoping that things take a better turn soon. 🙂

  6. To start off, great post! I think religions have been outside the domain of debate for way too long. Now that things are a-changing, I think religions have to reassert their relevance, without being totally dogmatic, or are sure to die a slow death.

    Here’s my Rs. 2 on the points you raised. I’ve also wondered about the hypocrisy of any religion that talks of an omnipresent God, and yet claims to offer the true path to realizing Him. IMHO, there’s a fundamental disconnect between the God of the philosophers and the God of the common people. Philosophers seek logical perfection in their God, and end up reducing him to an unknowable abstraction, but since common people cannot (or do not want to) work with abstractions, they anthropomorphize. I’ve often felt that it’s the height of conceit to clothe our Gods in human forms, and ascribe to them our petty vanities and jealousies, when we know that the totality of our existence is insignificant in the vastness of the Universe, but anything else would be too abstract I suppose.

    The point about the discrimination against women you bring up just reinforces the argument (for me) that religious texts are not morally perfect, and relevant for all time. They are as bound by the prejudices of their times, and as ethics evolve they need to evolve too. But since the idea of religion itself is strongly rooted in dogmatic belief (faith), allowing that to happen will destroy religion, so people block, and change is exceedingly slow.

    I really dislike the punishment based system of ethics that many religions espouse. I mean, can’t you be good because being good is better and more fulfilling, instead of being good only because you fear the repercussions of an evil life? I would like to think so, but IMHO the stick always works better than the carrot, especially as petty evil is so tempting for people. I actually respect what religions have done here, even if the means are dubious. Through an age old system of dogma they have enshrined some key tenets of morality that might otherwise have been lost in anarchy. No religion sanctions the taking of a life, for example. However, religions cannot foresee everything, and arguing negatively that since religions don’t explicitly forbid something, we have every right to do it, is simply wrong. I’m referring to something like environmentalism here, or homosexual rights. It’s not easy to change religion, because like I said, it’s rooted in dogma. If a religion changes itself with every societal whim, nobody’s going to subscribe to its dogmatic laws anymore. I think here is where religious authorities have a major role to play: they should free themselves from the shackles of their own dogma and progress with the times, as reasonably quickly as they can. People listen to the Pope, people listen to their neighbourhood priests, that is why I think the change should filter top to bottom.

    Ha ha, I think your third point is all to do with the human need for an external locus of control, also called *the need to blame*. Most people simply cannot accept that some things are beyond their control, and therefore arises the need for horoscopes, astrology and even the God that can be bribed. I’m not saying it’s a good thing but hey if it keeps the masses sane…

    Also, I think most religions think of God as some sort of impersonal judge of your actions in life. Only, at some point the ‘impersonal’ bit was lost (probably because of repeatedly visualizing God in human form), and people began to believe that they could talk their way into His good books. The whole system got ritualized and no one has a clue as to what’s really happening anymore. 🙂 Speaking of things mutating into unrecognizable travesties, I often hear this argument that something originally started off good, but it has become bad only now. I hear this argument in relation to the caste system for example, or even in relation to religion itself, and many silly superstitions and rituals that are around today, with the usual implication that because such things started off good, they deserve our respect and shouldn’t be discarded. I find the argument dubious. We *have* to judge something on what it is today, and by today’s ethical standards. It simply does not matter if ritualized cannibalism started off as a way to keep infectious diseases from spreading, it’s simply wrong today. Of course, knowing the original motivation for doing something will help us retain the good points of a system instead of chucking all of it, but that’s about it.

    Sorry for the long rant, have a nice day and keep writing. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by and for giving so much time to my post. 🙂
      It’s absolutely fantastic to find someone to have who has so much logic to share on this topic. So thanks again.

      I absolutely agree with what you have said.

      As for the ‘rant’ , keep ranting. 🙂

    1. Thank you for dropping by and commenting. That was why temples were made in the first place, but today people who are anything but religious in real life think visiting God in temples makes them very religious.

  7. God if you take it as a mere man made concept was originally intended to bring a sanity in the society but the concept got corrupted in time and made into tool of submission and division. A perfect example of Divide and rule policy

    If you take God as a believer, yes God is everywhere but why a place of worship? Its not for God to meet us but for a place for us to concentrate. If you take the good old days, Temples also acted as a culture center. There were no malls or theaters then to hangout but temples where satsangs, talks happened … So you got an idea the need for place of worship from the point of society. Ofcourse like all good things in life, that concept too got corrupted in due course of time by those in power.

    1. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.
      I agree with you about the ‘good old days’, but if only these were the good old days.
      Today, a person as far from religion in real life as possible, goes to the temple and claims to be religious.

  8. Nice post. Totally agree with your views. My personal opinion is that God was created to be used as a ruler. Without a ruler, any line is a straight line. God is just a reference for humans to follow good set of ideals and values. Once a person has defined what he stands for, then he does not need to lean on God. We need more wake up call posts like yours to try and change the youth mindset of today.

  9. You are absolutely correct. I think more and more of the new generation thinks that way but family and society have forced upon us these values that need to be followed. Even though I am a Hindu by birth, I don’t think I am restricted to do anything by holy scriptures. They were written to guide people not become the law.

    Another thing that I’d like to say is that I do not believe that ‘god’, if there is such a thing wants bad things to happen to his own children. He/she is like a parent. No parent wants anything bad to happen to their child. So that thing about you suffering because god wanted you to suffer is complete bullshit. That is my opinion.

    Even though I am a Hindu by birth, I tend to identify myself with a secular philosophy that is known as Secular Humanism. What it says is that Humans are not necessarily good or bad. But it is just what they have done and their responsibilities that make them that. It rejects the idea of God. Also it gives a lot of emphasis to science and logic. And it states that one must follow a religion only after he has thoroughly identified himself with it, studied and knows its goods and evils.

    Not many know of it as such but more and more people are beginning to identify themselves with it.

    “The above comment that I have made should not be seen as a criticism of any religion and its not meant to hurt people.”

    1. Firstly, thanks for dropping by and commenting. I agree that the basic residence of God is inside us, but allow me to differ and say that God does not give us any rules to follow, we have made these rules for convenience. All ‘God’ needs is true faith and belief, nothing more.

  10. great post…you are right…

    human beings are rational, and when their thoughts push their rationality they discover that the world they created out of their flawed senses is just an illusion….to answer that mystery God was created. the concept was the search for the truth…for over 4000yrs the idea evolved in pagan religions (like vedas)…but as number of humans grew (middle ages) we became insecure, we started fighting, that was the time when gods definition was changed. from philosophy, people world over turned to worship…. philosophies degraded, so the humans…all rules, restrictions, strict faiths were born…and continue to exist…thank goodness that science was born…science is young, just 300yrs old…have to give it some time, and soon it will take forward the quest where we stopped 2000years ago…

  11. I know a bit about Hinduism and I cannot accept the concepts that you have written here. But, it doesn’t mean that they are wrong or the entire concept of Hinduism is different ! Sometimes, it is just a conflict of your beliefs and my beliefs, but I would like to remain neutral to your thoughts and I am happy that you are gave some efforts to think about it. Actually, I have written a small post in my blog with a topic “Why should I believe in god?” .


    Today, I have a lot more to add to that post that I have failed to express at the time of writing and your post definitely provoked thoughts about the subject. I believe in some of my own assumptions. Religions have changed their faces and policies by many different forces by ages and i assume that it is difficult to dig out the basic intention of a religion at this point of time. It is heard that the discrimination based caste is first established by a king, who made rules regarding untouchability and other similar systems. As you said, gods have no role in such crimes and I hate to do such customs in my life. But, belief in god brought some saneness, wisdom and knowledge in the society. The world would have been a worse place than what we are seeing now, if there were no one to control. The concept of god can be an easy way to implement such controls!

    After all, god is just a belief for me and I believe in myself! If everyone could control or find peace in themselves, that is the true essence of god. I do not believe that god is a magician who give everything we want if we worship him. The entire responsibility of being me rests within me! Sometimes, I used to notice such philosophies and findings of my life in some stories of Geeta and Mahabharatha (I was forced to hear them). Maybe that is what the real intention of god. Create a perfect way of life for every human being!

    I’m a vegetarian and I have seen people of my community taking non-vegetarian food. Our community consider it as a bad thing, but I strongly believe that majority of us do not follow such things now. But, I have my own justification for me being vegetarian and I believe that i am able to make some sense in it.

    Actually, I have a lot to say about this subject! I’m sorry if you find some irrelevant thoughts here. But, I hope I have given you some food for thoughts regarding this subject even if you support me or not. You write really well..Keep writing..


    1. Firstly, thank you for dropping by and for giving so much time to my post to write such a detailed comment. I am overjoyed that I have found a reader as you.
      Coming to what you have written, I agree with most things. God was a concept created for bringing saneness in society but majority of people forget two things :
      1. It was a concept we created not vice verse
      2. it was made to get sanity, but today it has become the basis of most of the insane things around us………. do I need give examples?

      I am definitely going to read both your posts right now and also the rest of your blog.

      And please don’t be sorry fir having expressed your views.. that’s what the blogging world is about, right?

      Take good care. 🙂

  12. gud one.. these are some questions one shud essentially ask himself before worshipping god… so that atlst he will try to think why he loves an idol more than the human being arounds.. why he cant tolreate what other religions or belief systems say..

    about the bigger question of whether god is ther or not.. people like to believe in god.. cos no likes the idea of our lives being a sum of unpredictable and random events.. in times of utter hopelessness one likes to think that there is a just god.. and he will help him someday

    1. Thanks for dropping by and commenting and appreciating. God is a belief that we have all turned into a convenience. And as for the bigger question, I am happy that the first comment I received on this post bought up the topic of whether or not God exists. As you have rightly put it, people like to believe in God for their convenience. Much more can be said about it bu I will leave it here. 🙂

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