Do We Love Ourselves?

What we call love, and think of as love, is actually a manifestation of loneliness. We show love, to fill this gap in our lives and the same is true for the other person. Thus, love is just the need of two people. ‘Lovers’ use each other as objects and therefore, there is conflict, as no one wishes to be used.

The question which we ought to ask, but we haven’t ever is, do we love ourselves? Only when we are sure of our own love, is true love possible. When we can be alone and still completely happy and ecstatic, can true love take place. Yet, we can only be sure of our own love and not that of the other person. But being sure of ourselves is enough From here begins the journey.

In a state of awareness, when we love ourselves, love becomes a luxury instead of a need. We are happy when someone shares this luxury with us. When we enjoy ourselves, and someone else also enjoys our company – all is good.

Thus, when a love ends, instead of calling it false, we need to see if we were able and worthy of knowing and keeping the glimpse of truth that it did indeed have.

13 thoughts on “Do We Love Ourselves?

  1. Hey that is profound… while it does not appeal to the eternal romantic in me it definitely put a new perspective on the topic. really enjoyed my time on the blog.

    1. Glad you thought so, thanks.
      Please don’t take this as rude, but truth is best when it is not appealing, because then it is not truth as per convenience, but truth per say. That’s my thinking. 🙂

  2. Love these days is materialistic.. I beleive that One has to be LOVABLE to be loved 🙂 and offcourse I come first to myself if I cant love myself how can i love others 🙂

    brought a good question 🙂

    1. Thanks for dropping by and appreciation.
      What we cannot have, we cannot give………… so first we need to have love in ourselves, by loving ourselves. 🙂

  3. People call me old fashioned but I like the traditional love, never changing.
    Today’s fast pace takes the concept of love in a different dimension.

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