True origins

Today we Indians are mad over the ‘global language’ – English. And for this we have a times not just avoided but also looked down upon Hindi and the speakers of Hindi. It is ‘uncool’ to talk in Hindi these days. So, it is indeed ironic that nearly 700 Indian words have earned a place in the vocabulary of the very language of its colonizers. A few examples:

  • Aryan – आर्यन
  • Dharma – धर्मं
  • Nirvana – निरवाना
  • Sati – सती
  • Pundit – पंडित
  • Dhoti – धोती
  • Basmati – बासमती
  • Kebab – कबाब
  • Cheetah – चीता

Apart from this, the following English words have Hindi origins:

Bangle – बांगडी

Chit – चिट्ठी

Cot -खाट

Dacoit  – डकैत

Pyjamas- पजामा

Shampoo –  चम्पना

Thug –  ठग

Respect your mother tongue Indians. It is worth being proud of.

10 thoughts on “True origins

  1. great post…yea true….
    infact it is Sanskrit that we should be more proud of…it is one of the most advanced language… unfortunately most of us don’t know it…

  2. So true. I have always had immense respect for Hindi as well as my mother tongue, Maithili. One of my Hindi teachers had gone to a Hindi Literature Convention in Germany and tried to converse with the foreigners in English. The foreigner said in Hindi, “You’re an Indian and we expect that you talk to us in Hindi.”

    1. It’s good to know of someone respecting both Hindi and their mother tongue.
      As for the incident, with all due respect to your teacher, it is this belief of us Indians that Hindi is not to be spoken except for homes, that has led to the fall in respect of the language.

      Thank you for dropping by.

  3. this reminds me of a poem by Sujata Bhatt –> Search for my tongue

    However what i think should be noted is that, the increasing influence of bollywood in international cinema is garnering large respect for “hindi”
    in country’s where the indian influence is rampant, Hindi and other Indian languages are making a comeback… in due time the respect will be back too as will the cool factor

    brilliant observation though 🙂

    1. Thank you for dropping by.
      And thanks even more for this perspective on the language…related to movies. I had missed that in my thought.
      I hope what you say does come true, even if minus the cool factor.

  4. bahut achi khoj
    ye lekh aur bhi badiya hota, agar aap ise hindi mein likhte……….
    aur bilkul sahi hume apni matra basha par garv hona chahiye…….:)
    bahut achi soch…..

    1. thank you.
      I knew someone would ask me why I did not write it in Hindi.
      I wrote it in English for those of my readers who cannot read hindi as they have lost touch with the language.

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