Love… is ??

I have heard/read many people claiming to be finding love or having found love or lost love etc.

I ask you all, is Love not everything. What has survived without love.. be it animate or inanimate? Anyone having seen the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’ would remember the conversation between Aamir Khan and Vipin Sharma (Ishaan’s dad) which highlights that if even tress are treated without love, they die.

An amazing quality of true love is, it is always platonic. But here, I hardly mean love that is unanswered or in a sense ‘one-sided’. I mean that love has everything to do with me and very little to do with the other part. We all have read millions of stories/ poems where one side is hurt because the other does not respond; but that has never stopped the lover from loving, has it?

I love because I do. No strings attached. Whether you do or not, is your department not mine, and it will never affect mine.

But I think I’ve digressed from the topic. Love is the baby next to me, the bird on the tree, the food that I eat, and all such things.

So the main question is not what Love is, but who can feel love.

These :

I love you all

and these:

I love you a lot...

can; while these can never:

I cannot love now

The way I feel for my pet could be love, the way I feel for my laptop could be love, the way I feel for a person I have met just thrice could be love. OR none of these could be. The most amazing thing about love is that either you love or you don’t. Love can never be selective. I cannot claim to love ‘A’ and not love ‘H’ or ‘R’ or anything/body….

I am either in love (with everything) or I am devoid of it.

Love is everything. Love is everywhere. But are you willing to look for it, look at it?

I love you all. ❤ Take care.

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