10,000 – A milestone

Have hit the 5 digit mark 🙂

This blog took birth on the December 14, 2009.

The total number of views from then till the 30th of November 2010 were a mere 479. Since then, it has been 6 months, and in these six months the number of views have been (10,000 – 479) = 9521 views. I wonder/marvel at the drastic rise in numbers.

It could be, because:

1. A few friends came to know about it during the past year and decided to pamper my ego by visiting often.

2. I started publicizing my blog on Facebook, Indiblogger, and other sites, which increased the traffic.

3. I wrote on a topic or two (quite by accident) which a lot of people search about (Ambigrams, Illuminati, How I met your mother etc.)

4. I started visiting more blogs myself and leaving comments and thus people were directed to my blog.

And lastly, and the least probable,

5. I actually started writing better.

Whichever of these be the reason, I am content with the way my blog lives. It may not be as popular as many other blogs, but it’s made it’s mark in the hearts of few, and that matters most to me.

For my readers who come often, don’t stop visiting, i promise not to dissapoint you.

For others who visit a few times, please come back again, it really is good to have you around.

And for those here for the first or second time, do return.


Take care everyone.


Let's celebrate

7 thoughts on “10,000 – A milestone

  1. congrats
    really a gr8 achievement
    i enjoy reading ur posts and will be for sure a regualar reader……..
    its a milestone
    u had 7000 visits is march and now 10000
    3000 visits in less then 3 months is really sumthing big
    keep the gud wrk up
    stay blessed:)

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