Frequent = Frivolous

You are not making sense - STOP

In this new day definition frequent posts on blogs have nearly become synonymous with frivolous posts. For the last one month, I have been going through many blogs and sadly most of them have frequently been updated. Frequent updating of the blog is good, but not the way it is for most blogs today. I am truly happy that the two blog authors who have inspired me and helped me shape my own blog, are not in this race. Their blog posts may be infrequent to the extent of going months without a new post being put up, but when they do post, the post makes absolute sense and is not just for the heck of it. So before I go on to speak of the non worthy frivolous posts, here’s a salute to Harshit Nandan, and Ankit Malhotra.

Moving on to the insensible posts. Let’s all of us understand a few things please:

  • A blog is not Facebook status, or twitter or sites of the kind. If you want to keep writing every sentence that is “on your mind”, do it on fb, not on your blog.
  • Just because you have gotten for free a platform to write whatever you like, does not mean you will also boast about it. If it’s personal senseless thoughts you wish to write about, keep it private or only visible to your friends. I do not wish to come online in search of something to read and come across a mindless blog.
  • We respect your thinking, but for that you have to “think”… understood?
  • The “post every day/week of the year” contest is for people who take part in the contest because they write and not the other way round.

However, by all this I do not mean that all blogs with frequent posts are worthless. Some people genuinely write good blogs frequently.. but such people are few in number.

So, think before you blog bloggers. It’s a great medium, that we have, don’t please ruin it.

Take care

10 thoughts on “Frequent = Frivolous

  1. Very true. Senseless blogging is in and there is nothing that one can do about it cause its a free world and people can post gibberish and people will also read it.

    But we must also note that in some of these nonsensical blogs there is content, content that is truly heartfelt and has been penned from the heart without any modifications. So there are two schools of blogs and even though some of them are just pure nonsense, nothing can be done about it, because they have the readership. So it is both the readers and the writers who have to think about it. Whether they want posts or they want quality posts.

  2. it seems you are really pissed off by some of the blogs…honestly, even I am…
    but it is a free space with people having free rights to say write whatever they want…we cannot really take their right to freedom away, no matter how much it pisses us off…
    but I’m sure not many ppl will like non-sense articles…these blogs won’t last the test of time….


  3. One of the name that you mentioned is a very dear friend of mine and I totally agree about the quality of his blog.

    But I would like to make a point here (in my defense perhaps) I too, like to write my heart out sometimes, sometimes it is non sensical … I rememeber one of my article Insomnia tale where in I blabbered a lot. So I feel it is ok for one to write whatever he wants… unless he/she don’t spam others space for the promotion. 🙂

    No cats nor feelings are intended to be hurt in the making of this comment… 🙂

    1. I’ll start backwards,
      no cats or feelings, i am certain, are hurt by this comment. 🙂
      As for your “defense”, you did it once or maybe twice. What I am talking of, is when every successive post fails to make any logical sense. This is not true for your blog, i can assure you that.

      As for this post that you mention, i will have to now go and see which one are you mentioning, because i have been through your blog and have been unable to find a nonsensical post.

      1. ” I have been through your blog and have been unable to find a nonsensical post.”

        Now you have made me nervous…but with a feel good factor… 🙂

        “What I am talking of, is when every successive post fails to make any logical sense” – True and agreed

  4. I read somewhere that for bloggers to build readership they need to (a) write about something they are passionate about, (b) write about info. or topics that readers find valuable and (c) write regularly (whether that be everyday, once or twice a week or even once a month)……..I think blogs that do these things will have a following, although it might take time–unfortunately, not everyone is going to be able to be the next Julie / Julia project or 1000 awesome things!

    I also want to add, that sometimes it’s not about frequent posts and # of site visits…but rather # of subscribers and / or returning visits (similar to members or returning customers at a store)….THAT shows you are blogging about something that is of value to someone! 😀 Good post!

    1. Firstly, thanks for dropping by. It’s much appreciated.
      Secondly, I agree with you.
      But a point I would like to make here is, unless your blog is specific, like a tech blog, or a photography blog etc. – where the visitors are more or less similar in a way, it becomes very hard to know what the readers would find valuable, and so it is important that whatever you may write about, the content should be good and should make sense.

      Take care.

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