Wish we could know?

What could he be thinking?

There is one invention that has always been desired by all, but is yet to seem likely. This is a machine/ technique to read the minds of others.

Communication would be so much more easier if there were no miscommunication. If we could read the other person’s mind, there would be no scope for any perplexity. Team work would be not the hardest but the easiest thing to achieve. There would be no chances of misunderstanding anyone, and so on and so forth.

For the understanding of those of my readers who fail to connect to anything which does not directly talk of them or their situations, no offences : think of knowing exactly how the person in front of you feels for you: friend or foe. Does he/she respect you? Do they look down to you for certain actions of yours? Wouldn’t it be so much easier to now communicate with that person.

For the others, let’s look at the broader picture, it is well known that the root of any problem is misunderstanding. This invention removes the scope for that.

Let’s  now look at the other side of the coin. I pose a few questions to the customers to my invention idea, which includes me.

  • Will this invention not negate the necessity or rather the existence of speech?
  • Do we wish everyone around us to know what we are thinking?
  • Do we REALLY want to know what exactly the other person is thinking of u?
  • Right to speech may not be absolute but right to thought is, do we really wish to have to think before thinking each thought?

Personally, for the last few days, I wish such a technique had been invented and that I could know exactly what the person in front of me was thinking about me. Am I respected and liked? Or is it completely the opposite? It would be good to know. But then, do I really wish to know? I’ll have to think about that.

Also a thought is, that should anyone else matter so much as to affect my thinking of myself on the basis of his/ her thoughts of me. How much importance do others need to have in our image of ourselves, specially someone not in our immediate family? But that’s another days discussion, i guess. 🙂

You also think over it sometime.

6 thoughts on “Wish we could know?

  1. lovely article

    …personally i would not want anything like that to get invented coz…

    1] it will bring more misunderstanding…world is not black and white, it is grey…so ppl might not either like or hate you…but your status is always some where in between in that grey area…a feeling of someone about you when s/he is with you depends on his/her mood at that time…so if s/he thinks something bad about you at that time does not really mean s/he always thinks like that about you…it might create more misunderstanding
    2] It will get confused when many ppl around you are thinking at the same time…information overload…google is already trying hard to store all info…also more energy lost that can be used for better reasons…
    3]we all need our lil secrets…no fun without them…

    again you do not really need a mind-reading machine…body language ells a lot 🙂

  2. To tell U frankly, you are inviting trouble and sorrow by possessing a mechine that can read what the other person is thinking. The Almighty knows better and has cleverly left it to guessing. Well, the idea is good for dreaming . Keep blogging fantastic topics..Best wishes,Narayanan.

  3. I really wouldn’t want anyone to read MY mind, but I wouldn’t mind reading someone else, just for kicks.
    I think thoughts are very personal. Sharing them may cause loads of trouble, don’t you think?
    Just think of the family wars that would start because a husband doesn’t like his mother-in-law or a wife doesn’t like hers. That’s just one example.
    the invention would be great to know if someone is speaking the truth, like say in court. But then how would parents talk about Santa Claus?
    I wonder what a boss would do when all he hears through the invention is the abuses that his staff directs at him in their minds. ugh! bechaara!

    I don’t think humanity is ready for such an invention.

    1. I completely agree. The results would be disastrous. And you gave extremely appropriate examples. But as you said, would like to know, “for a kick”.
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Much appreciated.

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