Passion turns Obsessive

The person clicking this picture for sure meant no harm to the kid. It would have not even struck him/her to remove the fan instead of clicking a picture with the camera at hand ( i sincerely hope the camera was at hand). The photographer can be said to be passionate about photography; I, would call it obsession.

Obsession is defined by the Oxford dictionary, as, “preoccupy or fill the mind of someone/ something continually and to a troubling extent.” However, obsession is not conscious or voluntary (mostly). It is an unconscious, involuntary addiction with a person, thing, idea, habit etc. Passion is a lesser version of obsession. When passion becomes out of control, it becomes obsession. An example: Everyone has habits. It may be listening to music, reading a book, going for a walk, cooking, gardening etc etc…….. but if you cannot survive without doing that action, beware, it is no longer a passionate hobby, it’s an obsession.

I love to listen to music before I sleep. I don’t know when this habit developed but it caught a strong hold on me. I used to say I was passionate about listening to music at night. Then I realized that if I didn’t hear music at night, I couldn’t sleep. I personally realized this but felt nothing wrong in it. “Ok, so, I love hearing music. Big deal.” Then my mother made me realize that it was exactly that – A BIG DEAL. My lack of sleep started to affect my daily life. It was either music till late night or no sleep.

We all have passions… but let us not let it convert into an obsession. So, when you start another day, see the things you do everyday or things you use everyday or a person who is part of your everyday and check with yourself if it has become A LITTLE TOO MUCH. And if you find something like this in you, try living without it for a while. My point is not to deprive you of your habit/thing/person. If you can live without it pretty decently, great. But if your life comes to a halt then it’s time you took charge of this. In the former case, happily go back (but with a determination to not let it become an obsession ever); in the latter, stop right now and get things back on track.

Remember, it’s not only alcohol or drugs that are addictive… habits, things and people are too.

8 thoughts on “Passion turns Obsessive

  1. Good observation Jojo!!!this post actually went unnoticed….
    Infect, I and one of my friends were discussing the same topic yesterday….and we reached a conclusion: ~ when you control your’s passion…when your hobby controls you…it’s an addiction 🙂 ~

  2. gr8 post wid gr8 msg
    and according to me its not the Obsession in the pic but madness……..
    once again gr8 post and gr8 ending
    1 extra star for the last line……:)

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