Why not appreciate?

Most of us have grown up and lived our lives hearing that whenever someone does something wrong it should be told, so that the person can improve. And likewise with us ourselves. Till here, all is well. The second part, is : That when someone does something right, it’s not necessary to tell that person the same.

Eg: When our wife/mother/cook etc overcooks or under-cooks something, we point it out instantly (not with any wrong intentions but to improve her/him). But when the same person cooks great food day after day after day, how many times do we appreciate that person? Maybe once in a few months. Why?

This is the part I disagree with. We should appreciate just as much as we depreciate.

We all love to hear compliments, however small a thing we may have done…. why not give the same to others.

Why is it so easy to criticize and so difficult to admire? Think about it……

William James:

“The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated.”

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