Guest Post

Congrats for the achievement Janhvi. This is really a great achievement, you really deserved this. And many more achievements are on their way, waiting for you to write more and explore more. Thank you very much for inviting me to write a guest post on your blog.

It feels really special, when you hear that you are an inspiration for someone else, and that your posts inspires someone to write. But I don’t think that my blog is an inspiration for you, instead it is your inner zeal, which urges you to write. Honestly speaking its your posts that inspires me to write. Few months ago I decided to stop writing and stop posting any new post, and then I read one of your post which you posted on that very day, and that post of yours inspired me to continue writing. Thanks for that.

It was always your blog which taught me the style of writing and how to write well and it was always you who as a teacher corrected the grammatical mistakes in my posts. I know there will be many grammatical mistakes in this note also, but I also know you can understand what I want to write.

At last but not the least I would like to say keep writing and keep on enlightening the souls of us and also keep correcting the mistakes of my posts. I really enjoy reading your posts. Its your posts that inspires me to write, as I am sure that I will positively receive your valuable comments though else may not.

I was thinking of posting this note tomorrow on your birthday, but will be somewhat busy at home. So Happy Birthday in advance. Make this birthday the memorable one.

Keep on writing

Stay Blessed

Take care

Ankit Malhotra

One thought on “Guest Post

  1. Thank you Ankit. You are too much of a gentleman to say that I inspire you. It truly truly is all my honour to be reading your new posts every few days.
    On a lighter note, a few grammatical errors in this post too.. but I guess that’s what defines this post as your’s. :p

    Thanks for your wishes. May you too always stay blessed and may you achieve all you wish for in life..

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