This post is in Hinglish and is very haphazard because i just mentioned things as they came to my mind.

It’s been two years nearly I have been away from home. And I am still homesick everyday. Why?

Because nothing in the hostel compares ever to home.

Yes, I get good food at my hostel.. And I have very good friends to be with. And people who try their best to take care of me when I need it…and are at times near successful.

But I do not have my Mom, my Dad, my siblings, relatives, cousins… And the ma ke haat ka khana, the midnight sneaking into he kitchen and snacking.. the fight with my sister for TV and when I decide to work on the computer instead, her coming and saying, “mujhe online dress up game khelna hai, ab aap TV dekh lo.”


Plus my parents’  love and affection which comes out in either the form of taking care or scoldings or just the look in their eyes. (Ma, Babba, I know you think I can’t understand it, but really I do)

Meeting my young cousin brother often who calls me “dodo didi” instead of “jojo didi” or “janhvi”. Wo nanaji ke ghar jaake purane friends se milna.

Whenever I wake up late at the hostel, I wish my mom was around to say, “Ab alsa li 11 baje tak, now get up and get ready. Der tak sone ka ye matlab ye nahi hai ki tum sab kuch der se karogi.”

Dad ka harr baat pe kehna, “Bas jojo, kitni gapp marogi”.

Jasmine se agar pucho school main kya hua to the reply would be : “Kuch nahi. Par pata hai……………………….. ” And it would continue for a long time.


Miss you ma, Babba, and all others and my true close friends………

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