Being a runner in a PD

The last three days have been hectic, for most people around me, as there was a major event in college – The Pitch 2011 – The 1st Army Institute of Law Asia Parliamentary Debate.

I had a ‘MAJOR’ (lol) role in the parliamentary debate competitions. I was a runner.

For the sake of clarification for the ‘unknowing’, a runner in a competition is someone who caters to all the needs of the teams, judges and others (if present). Keeping the time, getting water for the teams, handling the score sheets etc are some of the extremely important things a runner does. :p

But keeping the little sarcasm aside, we are the “people who run the debate”  as we were called. 🙂

Before i Elaborate on the things i loved about being the runner, i would like to elaborate a little on how a PD works.

There are two houses – The government and the opposition. A motion (read topic) is passed and the houses have to debate on the motion with the government supporting the motion and the opposition opposing it.

There are three speakers in each house – The PM, Deputy PM and Whip in the government, and the Leader of the Opposition (LO), DLO, and Whip in the opposition.

There are either 1 or 3 panelists deciding the case.

The motions that i witnessed in my last two days were:

1.The house will legalise the selling of marijuana

2.The house believes that war criminals should be tried in civilian courts.

3.The house believes that the media should be banned from reporting the facts of ongoing cases.

4.The house believes that polygamy and polyandry should be legalized for all religions.

5. The house believes that the ‘healthy option’ should be given in all fast food joints.

6. The house believes that all political campaigning should be banned on university campuses.

Hearing arguments on all these topics was a great experience as there was a lot to learn from each topic. Though at times keeping the tab on the time made me miss some points. All in all it was a lifetime experience (which i hope to have again – but maybe as a participant next time instead of a runner). . . . . . And last but not the least, all the running around did me a lot good. 🙂

Take care everyone. And keep learning from everything around you.

2 thoughts on “Being a runner in a PD

  1. I liked the points,Bad thing being:
    3. Media replaced RAW for swift measurements.
    5. People think Fast is Healthy

    Good thing being:
    1. Legalizing will send my friends’ feelings sprinting.
    2. US gov. is pushing for the same. There was a case, one fine Attn Gen., Eric Holder being questioned when he favored War Crime in a Civie court for another fine man Mohd. Khalid Sheik the terrorist, while trying his own decision to try Abdul al-Rahim, a Saudi Al-Qaeda alias, in a Civil court himself. Inexplicably biased. Or “these attorneys are crazy”, Obelix would say.

    4. I’m eagerly all for it.

    6. Dabangg hai bhai.

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