Winters vs Summers

The good – A hot cup of tea/ coffee with something to munch; sitting in the quilt (if inside) or the sun (if it has poured it’s blessings on us that day), properly dressed females 🙂  …

The bad – shivering even when sitting inside a room, many many layers of clothes which are at times very uncomfortable…

The balance – Sunlight and someone to chat too… with something to snack on… and that’s perfect winter.

That’s dear winters.

The other side of the coin:

The good – Pleasantly walking in the sun, with as few layers of clothing as possible (or allowed :p), cool drinks even if just water, icecreams…..

The bad – Sweat, Thirst too often, and a few girls exploiting the weather to nearly not wear clothes..

The balance – Decent clothing, a cool drink to sip and a fan/cooler/AC (as the case may be)…

That’s darling summers.

I personally like the season between the two.. where a balance is stuck….

What about you? Are you a winter person or a summer guy (or gal)?

Your thoughts are as precious as mine... do share some

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