Which is which?

This one is an open house question – How do you differentiate between a friend and an acquaintance?

There are many people we talk to everyday, some on a daily basis and then there are others we talk to rarely or at least much less than the former kinds, but is that enough to demarcate which is friend and which is acquaintance?

I have friends who i talk to once in months and i have acquaintances who i meet and talk to daily but whom i won’t consider a friend.

So then, how do you understand which person is which? Or should we just let it be? How do You classify between the two?

One thought on “Which is which?

  1. One confronts, just another question in life, and instead of negotiating it, puts it up on a platter to be observed and dissected….though one might wonder how much would a desired majority leverage the cause.

    For the answer, the level of familiarity ( discriminator between a friend & acquaintance) is mutually dependent, much of a reaction and its a floating concept between the two, varies as a function of time and mood.

    No categorization, I meant.

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