Split Personality – in modern times

Those of you, who have had some contact with psychology as a subject or with movies regarding split personalities, would have a little idea what I am going to mention today, or so we think. What I am going to mention today, though, is not the medical condition of split personality but the situation we live through each day of our lives.

How we all behave today, was few years back known as hypocrisy, to use one of the common words for the behaviour. But today, because everyone is doing it, it has become a norm instead of what it is actually, a lot of pretence. Now many of you must be thinking why I am making such a huge issue of people behaving differently with different people. The reason I am “making” it such an issue is, because I believe it is indeed an issue. But, we tend to be happy taking it as a norm because otherwise the first person we would have to scrutinize is ourselves.

“Do in Rome as Romans do” is the modern day replacement of “be yourself wherever you are”. We behave with people as they are, to avoid differences and to make interactions convenient. Funny, if you ask me, because that is exactly what the other person is doing. So then who is being like whom, and where is the real personality of either of you? This whole system of convenience has, somewhere in it, a “Part” of our personality. So then, we have split our personality into parts suiting this convenience with various people. That’s why I say that today almost everyone has a split personality. I say almost, because rarely we do come across someone who is orthodox in this regard, who is just themselves, no strings attached. But when you or I come across such a person, instead of applauding that person we say that the person is abnormal and does not know how to act in different company. The emphasis I wish to lay on the word ‘act’; that is exactly what we all are up to. And we call it being natural.

A few of my friends I brought this topic up with told me that these days everyone is a sum total of the many masks they wear and act. And in all this, our actual personality is lost or split. One of my friends then pointed out to me that, “personality is after all nothing more than a mix of traits and qualities acquired from people around us”, so how does it matter if we act. I agree to her definition but she forgot to mention one word, ‘unique’. A person’s true personality is unique to him or her. But in the race of becoming the most convenient actor, we lose this uniqueness.

Today, to be ourselves, is to be rebellious. A child, say less than 3 years of age, is said to be rebellious because he has still to learn to “behave” in different company. A small child, when in the mood, would throw tantrums whether it was his mother or Barack Obama seated in front of him. That’s why I wish to be childlike, and hope the same for others.

Think about it when you have time from acting.

13 thoughts on “Split Personality – in modern times

    1. That is what we do. But in doing so, we forget that even that person is doing the same. So it’s a never ending circle we form.
      Glad you thought so of this post.

  1. The day we start behaving differently is the day we invite loneliness and boredom. People want us to behave the way society tells us to. And we are but puppets in the hands of a society that is almost god so there is not much one can do about it.

    1. thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts but allow me to differ substantially.
      “Society” is a large system made up of a component known as humans (read us)… the only reason there is “pressure” from society, is because such people are in a majority. And we can change that.
      (and if by chance you think that one man cannot change the system, maybe. but it has to be one man who initiates the change).
      This aside,
      even if only a few people understand, start being with those people who do understand. You’ll be in better company. 🙂 Loneliness and boredom solved…. 😀

      Take care. And think about it.

  2. Dear Jojo,
    1. Good thinking. Its heartening to see that present day gen also thinks about these issues.
    2. Its an issue that needs debating. Firstly, as you said, with oneself. Second, with like minded people. Third, draw others. I dont know how far we will go but it will satisfy your soul.
    3. As regards my views, todays is a world of convenience. Success and achievements are top priority . Truth, correctness and principles can wait. Very few amongst us are prepared to lose in favour of truth. Few can give up, or sacrifice for others. In the bargain we need to keep people happy and in good humour. As we dont want to spend time strengthening ourselves with hardwork we are left with no choice but to keep people in good humour by saying, what we think, the other person wants to hear. Gradually we lose courage of conviction and switching track becomes a habit. Many of us have perfected it also. With time we get into a cycle of lies-exposure-cover up-face saving-more lies-loss of face-more lies and so on.
    4. Look within is the biggest remedy. Keeping things simple is a good formula. Great people have surprised us by showing how little we actually need to stay healthy and happy. The present has so much to offer but, somehow we are waiting for tomorrow.
    5. Keep pondering Jojo. It is a good habit. This is the first step towards finding solutions to problems. Best wishes.
    4. We want to be called nice

    1. Firstly, thank you for reading through and reviewing. Secondly, the vicious cycle that you mentioned does truly exist but what each of us turn a blind eye to, is the fact that just like most convenient things, it may not be right. Convenient is hardly also the better choice.
      I believe, that every debate, not just this one, has to not only start but also eventually end with oneself. At the end of the day, we are the only one’s who can convince ourselves.
      Allow me here, to differ with you when I say, if we are in favour of the truth, losing is not even an available option. Yes, it may be apparently a loss. Hardwork has been thought to be replaced by ‘chamchagiri’, and I don’t just mean in offices, or schools; it is everywhere. From how we behave in front of our ‘closest friends’ to how we are at home. Pleasing policy is in fashion.
      As you also so correctly pointed out, looking within is indeed the best path from here.
      The word “nice” reminds me of the look of the antagonist’s face on the mention of this word in the movie ‘Shaurya’. As he says later in the movie, “nice” is convenient. Today, most of us, are struggling for comfort and convenience. And then the common man wonders what is common in him!
      Lastly, thank you for your wishes.

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