Strange Friends

I have a friend, or at least that’s what I like to call him. This guy, is really different from others around (and for those of my friends already running far ahead of me in this, Stop; it’s not what you want it to be). So ya, i really like talking to this person, but the reverse is hardly true, or so I think. When we do talk, time flies by with me laughing on something silly for nearly 80 percent of the time and that ‘poor guy’ trying to make me stop laughing and say something sensible. A strange friendship.

Then there’s this sweetheart friend of mine, whose a year senior to me in my field but we are in different colleges. I haven’t met him, just friends online and through the phone. The only time I remember ‘talking’ to him, even on the phone, was ages ago. We generally message each other, either forwards, or a sweet hello, how are you etc. We’ve “known” each other for more than a year now and to be completely honest, it’s his blog that set me into writing my own. And i really love his blog. Another strange friendship.

And how could I miss out my best friend from school. We were together till 12th class. After that, we have been good friends but have met just once. We seem to remember the other once in a few months with a message or a small talk on the phone. I gave her a name, except her own, in school. Now, most of our mutual friends and even teachers call her that. Poor girl. But i’m not sure i want it any other way. Maybe more contact would ruin it. Maybe it will get us closer, or maybe take us farther. Strange, for me.

Not to miss out is a senior of mine in college. I really have no clue if we are ‘friends’, but that’s how I like to see it. He helped me once, immensely,in a college related task. Since then, we chat off and on. We at times cross each other in the corridors and it’s as simple as a wish (we wish our seniors here in college) and a nod. A few messages exchanged at times and that’s it. Another strange friendship.

And as I write about these people, i wonder if all friendships aren’t ‘strange’ in their own unique way. And I say that because I could fit in each and every one of my friends under this head of strange friendship.

Maybe it’s them; or maybe the whole concept of friendship is “strange”; or is it just me who calls it all strange? :p

What do you think? Do let me know. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Strange Friends

  1. Well i think I have met one of your strange friends………:)
    I don’t think all these are the examples of the strange friendship……..
    May be it is just a form of friendship that exists and is more interesting and enjoyable in this type in comparison to the one type which you are thinking………….

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