The first thought that comes to the mind reading this word is,’What is it?’, ‘Is it real or just a myth?’ and if it is true how effective is it and how it works?

I can’t really be answering any of these questions but let me share one incident (though i’ll be sharing more as the post goes on)…

I was thinking of calling up an friend who i hadn’t spoken to in around a few months. We both had been busy with our respective colleges and though we were old friends, we weren’t very close. Today, as i got up, i saw her name on my contacts list and decided that i would call her today for sure. As i was typing a message to ask her what time she would be free in the evening, my phone rang. And yes, it was her calling. As we got discussing, she said that she had been thinking the same thoughts as me, and that like me she too was planning to message but for some reason put the call through.

This is what i call telepathy. And for me it works with people who one is highly attached to. My family and a few countable friends (Maybe two or three).

It works mostly for me with my mom. I still remember every single time that she could ‘read my thoughts’. 🙂

The last time I went home from college, I had one such memorable incident. During my train journey, at some point after midway I change my Sim from the Chandigarh to the Delhi Sim. I had just changed my Sim, and almost instantly I got mom’s call saying, “Jojo, so you changed the Sim”. It was surprising because it wasn’t as if she had been calling continuously to check, it was one time and she had got it right on.

Also it also works with regards to food, I wish to eat something and the next thing is she tells me she’s made that for breakfast or lunch or dinner, depending on the food item.

And here’s something to add, Mom just called up. I asked her if it was something important and her reply was, “I felt you were thinking of me, so I called”. 🙂

Love you Ma…

And ya, i’d really like to know what you think if telepathy. Do you think it exists or are these things mere coincidences? And also how do you think it works. Waiting to hear from you readers.

6 thoughts on “Telepathy

  1. One of such incident happened to me in the morning……..
    I was getting bored and decided to call a friend of mine…….
    But when i called him, his number was busy, after 2-3 unsuccessful attempts, I decided to stop trying. And the moment I placed my cell on the table, my cell started ringing, ans it was his call…….
    and when i answered the call, he said
    why your phone was busy, I was trying to call you from the last 5 minutes….
    we both were trying to call each other……
    Don’t know wats dis a coincidence or telepathy………..

  2. Good to know we share not just our confusions but also some experiences of telepathy. Would really like if you mention one or two experiences. I feel every experience would add to our knowledge of this concept.
    Thanks for reading and reviewing. 🙂

  3. Great Experiences
    Even i have many doubts about this word
    Even these type of things happened to me many times in life (not the same as happened with you), and these things also left me surprised. After reading all this i can say that i m not alone in all this……….
    great post keep it up
    and ya lovely theme template………….

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