Oh music….it makes my heart sing like no other. Music brings me tears. Music brings me joy. Music is literally the space within which my soul resides….

my soul is best expressed through music. When I can longer find the words to understand life…music always stands in. When I am at my wit’s end….music always brings me back from the edge.

When I cannot express my emotions…music gives me the safe space to let it all out.

Music is the space where my soul is most expressed.

But if music were to be defined?  What is music?

Music is the food of the soul as well as its resting place. Music is a medicine to pain.  Knowing that other people go through certain situations similar to our own gives us hope that we can get through any obstacle in life even when it doesn’t feel that way.

And the greatness of music is that it  speaks to you no matter what race, what class, what your background is……… music is truly impartial and unbiased.

BUT You may see it differently, so I would like to know what your definition of music is!

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