The Final Journey – Death

We'll always miss you

My grandmother (maternal) passed away on the 27th of June. We had all landed back from our trip to Malayasia and then Dibrugad on the night of 26th. She and my grandfather had returned from their trip to Malayasia and then to many cities of India a few days prior to us. My mom met her in the afternoon of 27th. I had thought as i was in Noida for many days i would meet her and my grandfather some other day.  And well……………….

She had NO medical history, NO ailment………… she just went to sleep and never woke up. I mean, i never thought it actually happens. Sirf kahi suni baat lagti thi.

So, i decided to write about death.

According to wikipedia, “Death is the termination of the biological functions that define a living organism. The word refers both to a particular process and to the condition that results thereby.”

But the philosophy of death is not as shallow as this definition.

I believe that death is a journey, ‘The final journey’, from mortality to immortality; from the superficiality of the body to the profoundity of the soul….

And i ask you all, what do you think is death. Do you agree just with wikipedia? Or do u hold a seperate view? And if i may, what are the basis of your theory/theories of death?

Take care all.

And a cliche at the end, ” People so seldom say I love you And then it’s  too late.”

9 thoughts on “The Final Journey – Death

  1. Here’s a Cute fact. The difference in the weight before & after death of a person is 21 grams. That’s a mass of 2.1 mg or 189 Billion Joules of Energy Consciousness (Dadi in short 🙂
    She could bright up the Entire World for a century! Interesting aye.

  2. ………. for answering ankit.
    just one thing to remember…. whatever we have heard is also guesswork or on those lines. this situation is such that no1 who has experienced it can tell about it…

  3. May her soul rest in peace
    I dont agree wid wikipedia as acc. to me death is a journey from one world to the other…..
    To a world which is not known to us
    To a world about which all of us have only heard about…….

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