A Student’s Letter

The following is a letter one of mom’s student wrote to mom; Mom had taught him more than a decade ago when he was in the 6th standard.

I am posting this here as I want others to find themselves in the student and also to be inspired.

“Dear Ma’am
Trust everything is fine.

Some years back, one day, I wasn’t very well, a little disturbed, a little disappointed….the north was missing.
But I had access to a very rich resource, from where I derived guidance, motivation,encouragement and satisfaction, in abundance and whenever required. Only I knew it, it was like “my-thing”.

Its a package comprising of your letters, my letters (unposted ones-with mistakes in them), rough drafts,official cards, notebooks and number of “good”, “v.good”, or just your signature on them.

I really don’t know how it all sounds, but it is…it has been there, always and so shall it remain. Some day I will tell you, how much it has helped me.

Words fail me. How much I wish,if I could, simply express or tell.

I believe, being your student is the best I can do, let me not graduate, not only because I fear but also because it comforts me.

I was so thrilled to get back in touch with you, and even before I could recover, I got to hear from you, just like old times, and hence the delay in reply.
It was so tempting to write back immediately, that I had to deliberately and consciously hold back.

Even now I am so eager to hear from you.
I want to request you for your contact number…. but I feel strange….may be because you are too dear….its like that one package you always waited for…but when it arrives….you just wait a little to open it.

And for your ever growing credentials, I am too little to comment, but it all sounds wonderful and made me happy for you.

As of now, I just wish to write,write,write……….. 🙂

Thank you.
Best Regards


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