Think ‘zara hat ke’

Thinking different. Is it really so drastic? Has society really made themselves so fearful of change? It seems people get more and more afraid of what they don’t understand. I would have thought that as the current times are changing so much more then ever before, people would be more receptive and welcoming of change. Is that anything new though? Probably not, but let me ask you this? How often do you think different? It’s hard to break out the mould. It’s not easy thinking out the box. But when you do, the results can be not only out the box, but out of this world!!!

Proving people wrong is a huge step, that you take with great satisfaction, because you can return to these moments and use it to motivate you further. To prove people wrong this will obviously mean you have to have people tell you that you are wrong, mad, crazy, completely off course, that you may not know what your doing or how it will fail and you will get criticized heavily for it! That’s ok, because its those people that don’t think differently. It’s these people that will conform and be limited only by them selves.

Finding a new way is the best way to think different, There is no way you can think different by doing every thing in the same way. You heard the saying, “you do what you did and you will get what you got”. Its so true, people repeat choices, repeat mistakes and then wonder why the outcome doesn’t change? Why they don’t get something different. Whether its relationships, lifestyle, choices, that can be applied to all of the difficulties you face each day. Finding a new way to think is hard, because you have to think in a way you have not thought before, creating something out of nothing. Finding a new way means finding a new solution, a better solution, stronger solution.

Taking a risk is a very important part of thinking different, because finding out if it doesn’t work, will help you find out if your method or way of thinking can work… Think about that. “My heroes are the ones who survived doing it wrong, who made mistakes, but recovered from them.”

Been hurt first is an important proccess as this is how you learn. Oscar Wilde once said “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.” You know, getting hurt prepares you for the stigma that comes with thinking different, people dont understand so they will criticize.

People who have thought different have changed the world. Question now is, where do you fall in to this picture? Do you think the same every day, take the same risks, or lack of? Are you afraid to try something new? Or do you look for the best way to do something? Do you try what no one else will? Do you have your own vision or live in others? My vision is to change the world. Big I know! I know I’m only one girl, I’m no billionaire, I have no new invention, no super special talent, but I do have vision, I do have a destiny and it is to change not just my world, but THE world, why am I so confident that I can do this? Because I think different.

SO, go, take on the day by thinking different.

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