My inspiration in life

My brother – Parthasarathy Baytha, is the inspiration of my life.

Before I write something about him, i would like to define what inspiration means for me.

Is inspiration something you do, see, hear, taste or smell? Is it anything which any of your five senses can perceive? It depends on the person really, the reasons behind why we look for it and the various situations surrounding it.

And real inspiration can be compared to a fingerprint, different for every person. One of my friends is a musician and gets her motivation from the different sounds that we have around us. For an abstract painter, inspiration may lie in a crooked object which is, for us, useless.

So, for me, inspiration is that very thing which makes you chase your dreams. It’s that blissful and exciting feeling that you get when your heart glides and your soul is moved.

Now about my brother! To start with, let me tell you, he is no celebrity. Why i am mentioning it here is because, unlike most of the people around me, my inspiration does not lie in celebrities.

He is an extremely practical man. “Emotions”, and i quote him, “are necessary, but not over what is the need of the hour”. I respect him highly for his sense of duty. For him, any duty assigned to him does not become a burden but a passion. And this passion shows in his work.

He is not afraid to be singled out, to be told that he is different.  My last post, “think ‘zara hat ke’ ” may have been a creation of my own brain, but the essence comes from him.

Also, he does not flow with the stream unless he believes the flow to be right. No one till date has been able to convince him for something which lacks logic. “Convince me, or get convinced”, is his motto.

Love you bhai, You stay the way you are. I understand i have not done justice to you in what little i wrote, but honestly, there was so much running in my head while thinking of you that i had to stop somewhere.

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